Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 155

In the shocking gaze of everyone, Yang Minghao was slapped by Lin Fan and drew into the stairway.
Then along the stairway, like a spinning top, it continuously rolled downwards.
In this scene, Bai Yi, Yang Tianrui and others were all taken aback.
They didn’t expect that Lin Fan would be so violent, saying that Yang Minghao was really going to do so by pulling Yang Minghao down from the 15th floor.
This is the fifteenth floor…
If you really get to the first floor, then Yang Minghao will fall to death.
“Lin Fan…”
Bai Yi’s pretty face instantly turned pale when he thought that Lin Fan would kill Yang Minghao, he hurried forward, trying to stop Lin Fan from committing the crime.
Not only her!
Yang Tianrui and all the backbones of the Bai Group also numbed their scalp, and ran into the staircase one after another, trying to dissuade Lin Fan.
Just now!
Lin Fan didn’t care about the obstacles of the people around him.
After he slapped Yang Minghao to the fourteenth floor, he grabbed the bloodied Yang Minghao, slapped it again, and fell down!
…At this moment, everyone saw a scene that made the scalp numb.
Lin Fan slapped and fell!
Yang Minghao fell from the first floor to the first floor.
In a blink of an eye!
Yang Minghao changed from howling and cursing in anger to screaming in panic and begging for mercy. Slowly, even his begging for mercy was weakened, and his whole body was smashed.
He almost became a blood man.
Bai Yi, Yang Tianrui and others were all shocked by Lin Fan’s madness.
Especially in their eyes, Lin Fan didn’t seem to be smoking a person, but beating a bug.
Thirteenth floor!
Tenth floor!
Eighth floor!

Everyone has witnessed the miserable appearance of Yang Minghao.
The skin on his body was smashed to a bloody blood, and his mind was dizzy, as if he would faint from the pain at any time.
Deep regret and panic filled Yang Minghao’s heart. He thoroughly understood why his four powerful bodyguards were so scared by Lin Fan that they could not stand up.
In Yang Minghao’s eyes, perhaps only demons can be so cruel, and regard human life as a must.
“Boy, stop, don’t fight, please, don’t hit me!”
Seeing that Lin Fan was about to strike again, Yang Minghao immediately used all his strength and shouted desperately:
“I am wrong, I dare not be there. For harassing Bai Yi, I apologize to you and Bai Yi, please let me go! If you continue to fight, I will really be thrown to death!”
Yang Minghao felt extremely regretful at this moment.
If he had known that this door-to-door son-in-law was so violent and tyrannical, then he would not dare to rob Bai Yi so arrogantly if he was killed.
And now…
“If an apology is useful, what is the use of the police?”
Lin Fan’s voice did not contain the slightest emotional fluctuation.
Words out!
Slap down!
…In just ten minutes!
The entire Bai Group was almost a sensation. Everyone heard that Lin Fan was pulling Yang Minghao, the eldest master of the Shanda Group, from the 15th floor to the first floor!
One by one, the employees of the Bai Group watched and discussed.
The corridor door on the first floor made an explosive roar, and everyone was shocked when a blood man smashed out of the staircase.
They saw that this was almost a blood man, his whole body was completely infiltrated by blood.
Especially on every step of the stairway, there was a long bloodstain.

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