Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 156

“This…this is Yang Minghao, a young man in the prosperous age? God, why is it so miserable?”
“It’s broken, something big is about to happen? This Yang Minghao represents the Shanda Group, and Shanda is our biggest partner in the Bai Group!”
“Yes! This Lin Fan is too impulsive, how can he beat people like this! If Shanda Yang Jinshui pursues it, our Bai Group will be in disaster!”
At this moment, after seeing Yang Minghao’s tragic situation, almost all employees , All the talks.
That’s it!
How can Shanda Group give up when Yang Minghao is beaten like this!
At that time, the Bai Group will suffer a disaster.
Not only those employees!
At this moment, even Bai Yi and the backbone of those cliques had their faces as white as paper, with cold sweat on their foreheads. They also knew that this matter was too big today.
“Lin…Lin Fan! You are cruel!” A faint voice came from Yang Minghao’s mouth.
At this moment, he only felt that the bones all over his body were about to fall apart, painful.
If he hadn’t been protecting his head all the way, I am afraid he would have been killed on the spot.
“Lin Fan! Bai Yi! You Bai Group wait for me!”
“I, Yang Minghao will not die today, then your Bai Group will die!”
The bitterness in Yang Minghao’s voice was heard by almost everyone.
Suddenly, everyone in the Bai Group became pale.
Those employees, backbones and others even looked at Lin Fan with deep complaints and anger.
“Lin Fan, you are too much, just give a lesson, how can you beat people like this!”
“Yeah, Bai Yi has nothing to do, but now he beat Yang Minghao like this, are you trying to kill all of us?”
“…” The noisy accusations and humiliations resounded.
It seemed to these people that Lin Fan was a heinous mob, and Yang Minghao was the victim.
But it’s more than that!
Just as everyone accused Lin Fan, the buzzing of engines rang.
Then everyone saw one car after another, galloping from outside.
Seeing the license plates of these cars, many backbones and employees of the Bai Group’s complexion changed completely.
“That… is that the license plate of the Shanda Group? My God, the people of Shanda are here!”
“Something has happened, Lin Fan, the broom star, this time will definitely kill our Bai Group!”
Everyone His complexion was pale.
Especially, when they saw that cars suddenly stopped, and then hula la ran down from the car, one after another big men holding baseball bats, everyone was even more shocked!
ten people!
In the blink of an eye, a full forty or fifty big men armed with clubs surrounded them, and even frightened everyone in the Bai Group, retreating violently, for fear of being hurt by Chiyu.
But it’s more than that!
Especially when everyone in the Bai Group thought of a middle-aged fat man headed by them, everyone was shocked.
“That…that’s Yang Jinshui, the chairman of the Shanda Group! Oh my god, this big guy came here in person!”
“Asshole, Yang Jinshui must have known that his son was in an accident, and this brought so many people here. !”
“This time, my Bai’s group is doomed to escape…”
Bai Yi, Yang Tianrui and others changed their expressions.
That is Yang Jinshui, the man at the helm of Shanda Group!
The other party personally brought dozens of people to come, and today’s things can never be kind.
Not only everyone, Yang Minghao on the ground also discovered this scene at this moment, and immediately ecstatic:
“Lin Fan! Bai Yi! Your retribution is here, my old man is here, you are over!”
“It’s not just you. The two, and your Bai Group, it’s all over! Hahaha…”
Yang Minghao laughed wildly.
He seemed to have seen that his own old man interrupted Lin Fan’s legs and waved his hands, causing the Bai Group to go bankrupt and bankrupt, and his heart’s pleasure was extremely rich.

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