Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 157

At this moment, in front of the entire Bai Group’s building, there was an atmosphere of depression and fear.
All the members of the Bai Group, one by one, looked pale as paper.
Especially, when they saw the forty or fifty sturdy men who walked down from the cars and holding sticks, they were even more panicked.
“It’s over! Lin Fan is completely over this time!”
“Quick! Stay away from that plague god, and be careful of the innocent disaster!”
“Crazy man! I already said, how can he be a son-in-law who can provoke the Shanda Group? Even Yang Jinshui was alarmed!” The dense noise resounded.
In the eyes of almost all the employees of the Bai Group, Lin Fan is doomed this time.
Not only them!
Even Yang Lao and a group of key members of the Bai Group were shocked at this moment.
After all, there are dozens of people on the other side, and they are armed with a murder weapon and have a terrifying aura, which makes them fearless.
For a time!
The key members of the Bai Group also began to hide, for fear that Lin Fan would harm him.
Only Yang Tianrui!
In his eyes, it seemed that he had made some kind of decision, and he bit his head and walked in front of Lin Fan.
“Lin…Mr. Lin, run away! We can’t afford to provoke these people…” Yang Tianrui’s face was pale, and he persuaded Lin Fan bitterly.
Not only him!
The Bai Yi next to him was just holding Lin Fan’s clothes corners, and in her beautiful eyes, a deep begging color flashed:
“Lin Fan, when I beg you? You go quickly, here I am. Don’t worry, they absolutely dare not do anything to me?”
Bai Yi is scared!
She didn’t want Lin Fan to be in trouble.
Even if she had seen him before, Lin Fan singled out more than 20 people, but now he is facing twice as much, more than forty big men with sticks.
Even if Lin Fan had three heads and six arms, he was definitely not an opponent of these people.
Just heard this!
Lin Fan smiled slightly, turned his head, gently rubbed Bai Yi’s head, and said with a smile:
“Wife, don’t worry, in this world, anyone who can hurt me hasn’t been born yet!”
Lin Fan’s words stunned Bai Yi and everyone around him.
In an instant, the employees of the Bai Group were in an uproar.
They couldn’t imagine that Lin Fan dared to speak wild words in the face of so many Shanda group thugs, without knowing it.
At this moment, in everyone’s eyes, Lin Fan looked like an idiot!
Pure death!
And Yang Minghao, at this moment, his body was trembling with excitement, facing the menacing Yang Jinshui and the others, he screamed frantically:
“Dad! Help me get revenge, Lin Fan, this little beast beat me, he beat me From the fifteenth floor, hit the first floor! Get revenge for me and break his legs!” he shouted.
Yang Minghao couldn’t help but looked at Lin Fan and Bai Yi:
“Hahaha…you bitches, my master sees how you die! Hahaha…”
Yang Minghao laughed to the extreme, he seemed to have seen Lin Fan Being led by his father, he interrupted his hands and feet, and screamed bitterly.
this moment!
Yang Jinshui didn’t even take a look at Yang Minghao. His face was gloomy and almost dripping with water. With forty or fifty sturdy men with sticks, they all walked towards Lin Fan!
The momentum is terrifying.
Ten meters!
Five meters!
Three meters!
On one side, Uzbek crushed dozens of people!
On one side, only three people!
The huge gap in the numbers of the two sides formed a shocking visual impact.
However, just when everyone thought that Yang Jinshui and the others would completely submerge Lin Fan and the three people while breathing!
Huh huh!
Everyone was stunned to see that Yang Jinshui and all the sturdy big men, with their palms aligned neatly, moved lightly to receive all the sticks behind them.
Afterwards, dozens of people pressed by Wu Ya, all bowed deeply to Lin Fan.
“Yang Jinshui, come to make a plea to Mr. Lin!!!

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