Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 161

At this moment, all the backbones and employees of the Bai Group were dumbfounded when they looked at the grand cars that left their ass on fire.
What, what’s going on?
Just left?
After watching the cars of the Shanda Group, they left, everyone in the Bai Group was in an uproar.
Yang Minghao was beaten, but Yang Jinshui had no revenge?
Yang Minghao was deposed, but Yang Jinshui didn’t say anything?
And now, Lin Fan is not ashamed that he wants to destroy the Shanda Group. As the chairman of the board, Yang Jinshui didn’t even put a fart, so he ran away with his tail?
How is this possible.
For a while, everyone was talking about it.
“What happened? How do you look at Yang Jinshui, you seem to be afraid of Lin Fan?”
“Fart! Didn’t you hear what Yang Jinshui said before leaving? Thank you Lin Fan for teaching his son? How am I listening? It’s like an irony, threatening Lin Fan?”
“Yes! This is definitely an irony. I feel that Yang Jinshui must be holding a big move. He wants to eat our Bai Group in one breath!”
“It’s over! We are all given names. Lin’s hurt!”
Following everyone’s discussion!
Almost everyone has determined that, Yang Jinshui, chairman of the Shanda Group, said that “Thanks for the lesson” must be an irony and a threat!
And he didn’t run away at all, he was preparing to retaliate and ate the Shanda Group in one breath.
Thought of this!
The people’s grievance against Lin Fan became even stronger:
“Lin Fan, do you think this is a good thing you did? Shanda Group will retaliate against us!”
“That’s right! You get revenge alone and feel comfortable, but you have harmed us and the group. You are a sinner!”
“The news will spread throughout Jiang City soon . I’m afraid that there will be no one at that time. We are willing to be with the Bai family. The group has cooperated, and we are… over!” A pessimistic mood enveloped everyone’s hearts.
Even Bai Yi, with the same pretty face, was full of complexity and worry:
“Lin…Lin Fan, do you mean that Shanda Group really wants to retaliate against us?”
Bai Yi had heard of Yang Jinshui, this person. He is a cruel hero who can bend and stretch, but once he retaliates wildly, he is definitely the one who cannibalize people without spitting out bones.
In Bai Yi’s eyes, Yang Jinshui and Lin Fan did not have any friendship at all. This time, their Bai Clan was in a disaster.
Just heard this!
Lin Fan smiled slightly:
“Don’t worry, he dare not!” No
Seeing that Lin Fan was still so arrogant, all the employees of the Bai Group around him sneered.
They didn’t believe Lin Fan’s nonsense at all.
At this moment, everyone was doing bird and beast dispersal, one by one, they started calling around, asking for help, or planning to go back.
At the same time!
The first waste son-in-law of the Bai family abolished the affairs of Yang Minghao, the young master of the Shanda Group, as if they had grown wings, spread throughout Jiang City.
In an instant, the entire Jiang City was completely exploded.
Shanda Group is far from being comparable to Bai’s.
Especially Yang Jinshui, is a famous big man in Jiangshi.
Lin Fan, a small door-to-door son-in-law, dared to abolish his son, almost looking for death.
Almost soon!
A piece of gossip came surging again.
‘It is rumored that Shanda Group Yang Jinshui convened the group board of directors, seemingly discussing retaliation for the annexation of the Bai Group! ‘
‘Yang Jinshui appeared in the first-class Hongda Group, perhaps preparing to unite with Hongda to attack Bai’s! ‘
‘According to Yang Jinshui’s cronies, Yang Jinshui has already mobilized all his connections, gathered the five top-ranking groups in Jiang City, and the top ten second-rate groups to launch a devastating business attack on the Bai family! ‘
This piece of gossip has set off a terrifying earthquake in the business world.
And when these news are passed back to the Bai family!
The entire Bai family was completely exploded.
Headed by Mrs. Bai, the uncle Bai Hai, and the seniors of the Bai family, immediately began bombarding Bai Yi with phone calls and text messages.
And these calls and text messages have only one content!
Bai Yi and Lin Fan, come to the family to plead!

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