Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 162

After hanging up the aggressive call from the old man Bai, Bai Yi couldn’t help but feel a bitterness.
That’s it!
She knows that her career as a president has come to an end.
“Regret it?” Lin Fan’s face didn’t have the slightest worry, but instead looked at Bai Yi with a smile.
Bai Yi shook her head. She looked at Lin Fan with tenderness:
“Lin Fan, you abolished Yang Minghao for me!”
“Although, I also feel that you are a bit too radical, but you are my husband. , Anything you do, I will bear the consequences with you, even if you step down as the president of the Bai family, even if you are expelled from the Bai family!”
Hearing Bai Yi’s words, Lin Fan’s body trembled fiercely.
A trace of warmth flows through his heart.
At this moment, he looked at Bai Yi’s gaze softened more and more:
“My wife, don’t worry, I said that no one can hurt you, including… the Bai family!” As he said this!
Bai Yi didn’t notice it, and Lin Fan’s eyes were filled with coldness.
If anyone is familiar with him, he must know.
If the Bai family did something to harm Bai Yi, then Lin Fan would not hesitate to destroy the Bai family…
At this moment, the two couldn’t help but smile at each other, and immediately walked towards the Bai family, arm in arm.
at the same time!
Within the Bai family, all the core senior members of the Bai family gathered together.
The old man, Bai Hai, and Bai Yan, the daughter of the second master Shirakawa.
Bai Yan was arrested before but was not involved in the destruction of the Huang family, and has now been released on bail.
At this moment, almost all the targets of the Bai family’s attack were directed at the Baishan couple in the main hall.
“Baishan, look at the good things your daughter and your son-in-law have done! Now the whole city of Jiang City is full of wind and rain. Everyone knows that our Bai family is imminent!” The old man glared at Baishan angrily.
That kind of appearance, can’t wait to eat Baishan.
Not only him!
Bai Hai and Bai Yan, who were nearby, also hated the Baishan family. At this moment, they naturally fell into trouble.
“Third brother, you must bear the troubles of your family! This time, don’t want to hurt the Bai family!”
“Yes! Third uncle, your trash son-in-law, is really capable! Some time ago, I just did it. Our family was sent to jail. My dad and my husband are still locked inside! And your son-in-law, but Yang Minghao was destroyed, huh! I suggest sending Lin Fan to the police station!”
“…” At this moment, All the Bai family members were angry.
Baishan and Shen Yumei were almost completely regarded as targets for venting attacks.
At this moment, Baishan couldn’t help but smile again and again. He said to the old man Bai:
“Dad, you don’t have to worry at all! Today, Xu Tianlong and all directors of Tianlong Group have agreed to cooperate with our Bai Group! No one at all. , Dare to move our Bai Group! ”
Xu Tianlong?
This sentence made the atmosphere in the main hall quiet, and when everyone reacted, the hall burst into laughter.
“Hahaha… Baishan, are you dreaming? The Tianlong Group is a giant force, and our Bai Group is just a second-rate force! What qualifications do you have to cooperate with others?”
“Yes, now the eldest master of a first-class group has driven our Bai Group to a dead end, I think Baishan you are crazy, right?”
“…” At this moment, everyone sneered at Baishan’s words.
Even Mrs. Bai, looking at his third son, was full of disappointment:
“Baishan, I didn’t expect you to be so stupid! Use Tianlong Group as a shield? Huh, Xu Tianlong, I don’t have Bai Zhengxiong. Knowing the qualifications, what qualifications do you have to negotiate with others?” In an instant, countless doubts swept across the sky.
Suddenly, Baishan was even more miserable:
“Dad! You have to believe me, this is true! Xu Tianlong and all Tianlong directors, not only went to meet me and Lin Fan, but even called me President Bai, attitude Extremely enthusiastic!”
President Bai?
Hahaha… At this moment, the burst of laughter in the main hall became even louder.
Everyone’s laughter, ridicule, and contempt are endless.
And when Baishan tried to explain it again, an indifferent voice suddenly came from the outside:
“Dad, explain, just one time!”
“Good advice, don’t persuade you to be an idiot!”

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