Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 167

After hearing the housekeeper’s shout, the expressions of everyone in the Bai family were all right.
Especially Bai Hai and others. They hurriedly faced Baishan and once again asked to explain:
“The third child, don’t forget what you said just now. Later, Mr. Yang and the others are here, you have to kneel and apologize to them until they forgive you! ”
Kneeling again!
The many Bai family members around, looking at Baishan one by one, became more and more teasing and ironic.
Who told you Baishan to stand on Lin Fan as a waste son-in-law!
Now… is the retribution coming?
Suddenly, Bai Hai, Bai Yan, and many senior Bai family members couldn’t help but want to see the miserable scene of Bai Shan kneeling on the ground, thinking of Yang Jinshui’s bitterness to apologize.
Da da da!
And just as many Bai family members were discussing, there were footsteps after another at the door.
Then, under the awe of everyone, Yang Jinshui walked in with more than a dozen middle-aged people in suits and shoes.
“Chairman, your old man is here!” At this moment, Ma Hong, all the arrogance on his face disappeared, like a pug, trotting up to Yang Jinshui, and then pleased and said:
“I have made arrangements for the Bai family. Alright, you are here at the right time!” Is it arranged?
When Yang Jinshui heard this, a thick smile of satisfaction appeared on his face.
This Ma Hong, although in the eyes of outsiders, is a high-level executive of the Shanda Group, in fact, he is just a small follower of them.
This time!
Yang Jinshui was completely scared by Lin Fan’s words.
After he returned, he sent someone to send his son to the hospital, and the board of directors was convened violently.
After that, he mobilized all his contacts and united ten second-rate group forces and four first-class group forces in order to make Lin Fan apologize.
Not only him!
When the other forces heard that Lin Fan turned out to be the boss behind the Tianlong Group, they almost freaked out one by one.
One after another, they wanted to come to see Mr. Lin.
And this Ma Hong.
Yang Jinshui heard that he had some relatives with the Bai family, so he sent him to contact him.
“Ma Hong, you did a good job of this matter!”
Yang Jinshui nodded in satisfaction.
“Don’t worry! If things go well today, when I go back, I will transfer you to the board of directors.”
This sentence made Ma Hong happily almost fainted.
Shanda Group Board of Directors!
He had been fighting for more than 20 years in Shanda, and he was not qualified to enter, but now, after only a trip to the Bai family, he unexpectedly entered the board of directors, which made him extremely ecstatic.
Not only him!
Bai Yan next to her was also full of spring, obviously feeling extremely glorious.
“Hahaha…Mr. Bai, long time no see!”
Yang Jinshui didn’t have time to care about Ma Hong at the moment, and then a thick smile appeared on his face, and he greeted Mrs. Bai.
“Dong Yang, this time it’s our Bai family’s fault. It’s really hard for you to drive me!” The old man said with a wry smile.
Yang Jinshui waved his hand readily:
“Old lady, what are you talking about? We came to visit Mr. Lin, this is right!”
Mr. Lin?
This sentence made the expressions on the faces of the old lady, Bai Hai and others stiff.
They thought they had heard it wrong now.
It’s more than that!
Yang Jinshui waved his hand, and the assistant next to him immediately handed it a stack of documents.
“Grandma, this time to express our Shanda Group’s apology and guilt to Mr. Lin! We have held a board of directors and absolutely have in-depth cooperation with Bai Group!”
“This is a three-year, 3 billion order. ! It is funded by our Shanda Group and will share the accounts with you Baishi Group! Nine of you, Shanda One!

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This story is very confusing at times , and gets characters wrong for instance , I thought the head of the Bai family was male, but you keep referring to him as a female . I don’t understand why this was not amended. Although the novel is good the author seems to have ignored all the errors , should have double checked his novel , just like other novelists do before having it published.

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