Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 168

This sentence made the old lady and all the Bai family members stunned and completely confused.
Three billion orders in three years!
Shanda pays money and people!
Bai’s Nine?
Grand One?
Damn… Damn it!
At this moment, whether it was the old lady or all the other senior members of the Bai family, the word’fucking’ appeared in their hearts.
After all, the market value of their Bai Group is less than 3 billion.
But now, it is almost equivalent to not having to pay a penny for them, and a person can earn 2.7 billion in vain within three years without assistance!
27 billion…
Grandpa Bai, Bai Hai, Bai Yan and others couldn’t help swallowing and spitting, only feeling that they were smashed by the pie falling from the sky.
Even, they didn’t even think about it carefully, Yang Jinshui’s sentence “Apologize and guilt to Mr. Lin”!
“Yang… Dong Yang! You, you are grieving with virtue. Not only did you not cut off cooperation with my Bai family, but you also asked the teacher for crimes. You even sent us this great gift, which made my old fellow… simply… …”
Old lady Bai flushed with excitement, and even said that it was uncomfortable.
After all, 2.7 billion, he has worked so hard all his life without earning it.
And see this scene!
Yang Jinshui shook his head and said with a smile:
“This is what we should do to Mr. Lin. Don’t worry about it, the old lady.” It’s’Mr.
Lin’ again!
These three words made the old lady’s heart slightly burst.
Could it be that I heard it wrong?
In the heart of the old man, there seemed to be something wrong.
However, before he could even think about it, he heard the excited voice of the housekeeper at the door, and once again came:
“Hongda Group Chairman-Xu Yangsheng, bring all the directors of Hongda Group… here!”
Hongda Group-Xu Yangsheng!
Hearing this, the old lady, Bai Hai and others were shocked again.
They know that Hongda Group is also a first-class group power, not weaker than Shanda Group.
And Xu Yangsheng is a big business tycoon with the same fame as Yang Jinshui.
I’m afraid that only Grandpa Bai is qualified to see each other, that’s all.
But everyone in the Bai family couldn’t imagine that Xu Yangsheng brought all the directors of Hongda together, which was incredible.
The things that shocked the Bai family have just begun!
“Chairman of Yongsheng Group-Fei Yong, bring all the directors of the group… here!”
“Chairman of the Changsheng Group-Zhou Shengchang, bring all the directors of the group, here!”
“…” the housekeeper shouted excitedly, one after another. Coming together.
And every name shouted by the housekeeper was like a blockbuster, constantly bombarding the nerves of the Bai family.
Fei Yong!
Zhou Shengchang!
These two people, like Yang Jinshui and Xu Yangsheng, are all first-class group influencers.
Known as the four first-class groups.
The Bai family couldn’t imagine that these four big brothers would come together.
It’s more than that!
In addition to these four, there are ten second-rate groups like the Bai family, who also led their respective board members and came together.
In this short moment, I am afraid that the first-rate and second-rate groups, also known as Jiangshi, have gathered here.
God, this… this is incredible.
When did Mrs. Bai, Bai Hai and others have seen such a big battle and so many big men?
Their excited bodies were trembling.
And just in the sight of them looking forward and worried.
Xu Yangsheng, Fei Yong, and Zhou Shengchang, three big bosses, led Wu Ya, nearly a hundred business bosses in suits and shoes, hula la, and walked into the white door.

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