Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 185

Fragrant Hill Villa!
In a room, Zhang Yichen walked in desperately.
She seemed to have just cried, with tears remaining on the edge of her beautiful eyes:
“So you have been married for the past three years…” A bit of bitterness appeared on Zhang Yichen’s mouth.
Three years!
She has been looking for this man for three years.
In the past three years, she has searched for hundreds of hackers, searching the entire network for every bit of Lin Fan. Whenever there is a clue, she will travel thousands of miles to investigate. .
In three years, 72 concerts around the world, this is the career answer of Zhang Yichen, the hottest young queen in Asia.
But no one knows!
In fact, every concert is to find that person.
She has been to far away Africa, set foot in the icy north, and deep into the extremely dangerous American rainforest.
Anything about that person, she would check it out herself.
Zhang Yichen never dreamed that this man had always lived in China and was the door-to-door son-in-law of a small family.
“It’s been three years, I don’t know if you still remember the little girl you saved in the Caribbean?”
Zhang Yichen’s gaze swept across the room.
On the walls in the room, there are sketch portraits.
Every one is actually Lin Fan.
three years ago!
At that time, Zhang Yichen was still the eldest lady of a super family. Although her musical talents surpassed ordinary people, she was too playful and didn’t like learning at all.
Even when the family was not paying attention, I went abroad with my girlfriends.
But no one thought of it.
When their cruise ship passed the Caribbean Sea, a group of pirates appeared.
These people were extremely cruel and cruel. They almost slaughtered all the men on the cruise ship and looted all their belongings and women on a pirate island.
That was definitely the darkest scene Zhang Yichen had ever seen in her life.
She had seen women next to her, being played by those pirates wantonly and insulted to death.
Even her best best friend died tragically under the pirate’s butcher knife.
And right there!
When those pirates were about to insult Zhang Yichen next, she was completely desperate.
She is ready to commit suicide to save her virgin body!
And at that moment!
A man, like a god, appeared in front of her.
He is Lin Fan.
At the moment when they saw Lin Fan appeared, the pirates looked like they had seen the devil, kneeling and begging, and yelling.
And just before Lin Fan said a’death’ coldly!
All the pirates on the whole island were completely driven to a dead end. They raised their butcher knives one by one, as if they were crazy, and rushed towards Lin Fan.
Hundreds of people besieged Lin Fan alone.
However, Zhang Yichen witnessed a bloody scene that she could not forget for a lifetime.
kill! kill! kill!
Lin Fan is like a devil rebirth, with every move, a pirate head flies up.
One after another!
The heads of those pirates are like tattered watermelons, throwing, smashing, and then flying again in the air.
Less than half an hour!
The entire pirate island was completely covered with dead bodies and blood, like a bloody slaughterhouse.
And that man is a terrifying hell butcher!
At that moment, Zhang Yichen not only didn’t feel the slightest fear or fear, but was full of excitement and gratitude.
She was rescued.
She is one of the hundred women rescued by Lin Fan.
When those women were sent away by Lin Fan on a cruise ship, Zhang Yichen did not leave.
She cried madly and buried the body of her best friend.
And then!
On the entire pirate island, apart from the pirate corpses all over the mountains, only she and the devil-like man remained.

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