Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 184

In the afternoon!
The Bai Group held a press conference to announce that Bai Yi would continue to serve as the president, and at the same time announced the expulsion of several senior leaders including Zheng Xuechang.
However, what made everyone in Jiangshi fall through.
The news has just been released!
The Tianlong Group, which originally wanted to block the Bai family, also held a press conference again:
“Out of respect and admiration for Ms. Bai Yi, Tianlong Group announced that the ban on the Bai family will be lifted! In addition, Tianlong Group will be opened, All sales channels are provided to Baishi Group for free!”
“In addition, Tianlong Group will develop a deep-level cooperative relationship with Baishi Group!”
As soon as this news came out, Jiang City’s business community was completely boiling!
Bai Yi!
This name, like a comet, completely exploded Jiangshi’s business circle.
Not only that!
The press conference of Tianlong Group has just ended!
The four first-class business groups of Shanda, Hongda, Yongsheng and Changsheng jointly held a press conference, which is also to lift the ban on the Bai Group!
It is announced!
They will carry out more in-depth support and cooperation with Baishi Group for mutual benefit and win-win!
Everyone in Jiangshi couldn’t imagine how attractive Bai Yi was. The news of becoming the president of Bai Yi brought the Bai Group back to life in an instant, and even got the support and cooperation of various business predators such as Tianlong and Shanda.
Not only that!
With the support of Tianlong, Shanda, etc., the other major business groups in Jiang City have also moved their minds and tried various methods to start seeking cooperation with the Bai Group.
Baishi Group has become the most popular commercial group in Jiang City.
But Bai Yi’s reputation has skyrocketed.
Following the Jiangshi network, major post bars and forums, someone posted a video of all the senior leaders of the Bai family kneeling down and begging Bai Yi to become the president.
Bai Yi instantly became the super beautiful president of the popular Jiang City.
The perfect goddess in the hearts of countless Jiangshi talents.
It’s just that maybe all Jiangshi people didn’t expect it!
After Bai Yi’s video is posted to the Internet!
It caught the attention of a woman!
She is the goddess of the Chinese nation, the hottest queen in Asia-Zhang Yichen!
Fragrant Hill Villa!
This is one of the most luxurious villas in China.
Building B2 is the home of the national goddess Zhang Yichen.
However, in one of the rooms, several Internet hackers were constantly refreshing the computer pages, their complexions were full of excitement, as if they had discovered some treasure on the Internet.
Soon, the door of the room opened, and a beautiful girl walked in.
Her facial features, like works of art carved by the creator, are breathtakingly beautiful.
Those faintly clear eyes, like everything in the world, could hardly arouse her interest.
But now!
In her beautiful eyes, a deep anxiety appeared unexpectedly, and as soon as she walked into the room, she eagerly asked,
“How? Did you find it?”
Hearing Zhang Yichen’s question!
Immediately a hacker stood up and said excitedly:
“Ms. Yichen, after we searched the entire network, we finally found two videos, which overlap with your benefactor’s back, up to 90%! It should be him!”
If this sentence is heard by outsiders, everyone will be shocked.
Zhang Yichen is known as the most talented superstar in Asia.
And her benefactor, this is simply unimaginable.
“Quick! Quickly show it to me!”
Zhang Yichen’s excited face flushed, and her delicate body was trembling slightly.
And hear this!
There was a hacker who clicked on a video.
This video is a traditional Chinese medicine treatment video. A man wearing a surgical gown and a mask pierces the acupuncture points of an old man with electric hands.
When Zhang Yichen saw those eyes, she only felt that her breathing was short:
“Like him! But, why don’t you have his appearance?”
Hearing the question, the hacker clicked on the second video. !
This video is the picture of all the Bai family members kneeling to the ground, pleading with Bai Yi.
When Zhang Yichen saw Lin Fan’s face beside Bai Yi in the video!
Her delicate body trembled fiercely, and tears flowed from her beautiful eyes:
“Three…three years! I have been looking for you for three years, you… Has it finally appeared?”

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