Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 189

“Second sister! I advise your family to be more careful in the future!”
“Don’t use that Mr. Lin and Provincial No. 1 to slap a tiger’s skin. How can they be small people like you?”
“If one day, It spreads to the ears of those big guys, I’m afraid it’s your family, and you really can’t eat it!” At this moment, the sarcasm on the face of the second aunt became more and more intense.
And her words made Shen Yumei’s face even more blue.
Just don’t wait for her to say anything!
However, he saw a doctor in a white coat and walked quickly from the hospital.
“Mom! Shen Ling! What are you doing here? I have already prepared the advanced nursing ward!”
The doctor hurried to the front of several people.
He is Shen Ling’s husband-Zhou Xian!
He is also one of the chief physicians of Yifan Chinese and Western Hospital.
Seeing his husband’s arrival, the arrogance and pride on Shen Ling’s face became more intense:
“Husband, you are finished !” Zhou Xian nodded, then glanced at Shen Yumei and Lin Fan suspiciously. Asked:
“These two are…”
He and Shen Ling have been married for only one year and have never seen Shen Yumei.
And hear this!
Second aunt Cuiping couldn’t help covering her mouth and smiled:
“This is your aunt! That one is Bai Yi’s husband Lin Fan!”
Lin Fan?
Zhou Xian was taken aback for a moment. He had naturally heard of Lin Fan and Bai Yi.
Bai Yi, as the most popular beauty president in Jiang City, can be said to be the goddess-level figure in the hearts of countless men. Of course, he also includes Zhou Xian.
And the more so, after hearing that Lin Fan was the husband of the goddess in his heart, his expression instantly became gloomy:
“Oh? You are Lin Fan? What a pity, Goddess Bai Yi doesn’t seem to have a good vision!”
Zhou Xian did not shy away from it.
And hear this!
The second aunt Cuiping and Shen Ling’s mother and daughter suddenly laughed suddenly:
“Hahaha…Second sister, have you seen it? Even my son-in-law saw Lin Fan for the first time. I really don’t know what your family’s vision is!”
“Lin Fan, it seems that your passerby is really not very popular! Hahaha…”
The mother and daughter laughed wildly and arrogantly.
This sentence also made Shen Yumei tremble with anger.
She was about to scold her, but Lin Fan grabbed her.
Lin Fan didn’t have the slightest anger on his face. Instead, there was a Ruoyouruowu smile at the corner of his mouth. He looked straight at Zhou Xian and asked,
“Are you the chief physician here? Are your mother-in-law and wife registered? Are you in line?”
“Also, what qualifications do they have to arrange advanced nursing wards?”
Lin Fan’s words stunned Zhou Xian’s family.
They couldn’t think that this shabby guy had so many things.
“Cut! Don’t care about your ass!”
Zhou Xian glanced at Lin Fan, and then said proudly:
“I tell you, I am the chief physician here, my mother-in-law and wife, naturally you don’t have to line up like you. Register!”
“And I tell you, they not only don’t have to queue, but the treatment is all free! I want to arrange a high-level nursing ward for them, then arrange, what kind of thing are you, you can take care of my nosy!”
Zhou Xian said, Extremely arrogant.
And this sentence made Lin Fan amused.
He looked directly at Zhou Xian, laughing playfully and sternly:
“It has nothing to do with me, but it has something to do with my assets!”
“I can tell you that starting today, you will be fired! Or, Jiang City’s medical community will ban you completely!

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