Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 190

Lin Fan’s words left Zhou Xian’s family in a daze.
Zhou Xian’s family of three burst into laughter instantly as if they heard the funniest joke.
Zhou Xian even clutched his stomach, leaned forward and closed with a smile, and pointed to Lin Fan and said: “Hahaha…fire me? Block me? It’s up to you! You laughed at me, hahaha…”
And the second aunt Cuiping next to him Like Shen Ling, they looked at Lin Fan like an idiot.
Zhou Xian is one of the backbone of this hospital!
Except for a few people such as the dean, who can fire him, let alone the medical profession in Jiang City!
This is simply a dream.
“Husband, we don’t have to be inferior to this kind of people! Let’s go, it’s important to see your mother!” At this moment, Shen Ling was too lazy to talk to Lin Fan, and immediately took Zhou Xian and second aunt Cuiping and walked into the hospital go with.
And see this scene!
The surrounding family members who were seeing a doctor, as well as the nurses, also pointed to Lin Fan and Shen Yumei and started talking.
“Did you hear that? This guy is so arrogant that he actually said to fire Dr. Zhou!”
“Yes, Dr. Zhou is already a chief physician at a young age. He has a promising future. What is this guy? ! ” ”
Oh …… that physician week, I heard vindictive, vengeful great! I guess one would certainly make things difficult for them! ” ”
…… ”
crowd around to see Lin Fan and Chen Yumei eyes, shook his head more than.
In their eyes, it was obvious that Lin Fan was not ashamed and might even be retaliated by Zhou Xian.
Da da da!
At this moment, the sound of rapid footsteps came from the stairs.
Then, in the horrified sight of everyone around, I saw a foreign doctor and an old Chinese medicine doctor, led by the master doctors, doctors, etc., ran down quickly.
There was ecstasy and excitement on their faces.
As if to come out to meet some big man!
the family and patients around, as well as the little nurses were all stunned.
They recognized them, and the two headed by them were Mike and Gao Zhiyuan, the dean of the Yifan Chinese and Western Hospital.
In the back, it almost includes most of the backbone medical staff in this hospital.
Everyone couldn’t imagine what kind of person this was going to meet, and let all the big guys in this hospital show up.
The people around had a lot of discussions and they were shocked.
An even more incredible scene appeared.
I saw that this big guy hurriedly walked towards Lin Fan.
Especially when they came to Lin Fan!
Under the incredible sight of everyone!
They all bowed, and their voices were loud and excited:
“Welcome Lin Dong to inspect!!!”
When this sentence resounded in the hospital lobby, all family members, patients, nurses and others around were almost struck by lightning. Can’t believe my ears.
Lin… Lin Dong?
Everyone looked at Lin Fan’s shabby clothes and at the hospital bosses who bowed to salute, everyone was completely stunned.
Not only them!
At this moment, even Shen Yumei next to her trembled fiercely.
Looking at Lin Fan, it was like seeing a ghost.
“Xiao…Xiao Fan , is this hospital really…your?” Shen Yumei’s voice was trembling.
After all, the visual impact of the scene before her was too strong.
And Lin Fan smiled slightly, shook his head and said:
“Accurately speaking, it’s me and Bai Yi!”

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