Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 193

No… impossible!
I heard it wrong, I must have heard it wrong!
Zhou Xian was stunned.
Not only him, but the chief physicians around him are also unbelievable.
After all, in the eyes of everyone around him, Zhou Xian belongs to the youngest and most promising one, and he will surely be reused in the future.
And now…
how can you be expelled?
“No…Vice Dean Gao, this is not true. You must be joking with me?”
Zhou Xian asked Gao Zhiyuan with a stiff smile on his face.
“Are you kidding?”
Gao Zhiyuan was pleased by Zhou Xian. He stared at Zhou Xian with turbid eyes, and said in a cold tone:
“We just learned that you were your relatives in spite of the hospital’s laws and regulations. , Open up green channels, even occupy the public resources of the hospital, open advanced nursing wards, and all treatments are free!”
“Is this or not?”
As soon as these words came out, it was like a burst of thunder, causing Zhou Xian to stagger.
how come!
Zhou Xian’s face was full of consternation and disbelief.
He opened up a green channel and treated his relatives free of charge, but apart from saying these things to humiliate Lin Fan today, he did very low-key in normal times.
Only a few medical staff who knew him well knew it.
But now…
it’s more than that!
“In view of your bad behavior, which caused great losses to the hospital, starting today, you and your relatives and family members will be listed as blacklisted members, and the hospital will not provide any treatment for you!”
Gao Zhiyuan said, Once Zhou Xian’s face turned pale.
Enter the blacklist!
At this moment, Zhou Xian’s mind couldn’t help but echo Lin Fan’s words.
‘You will be fired today, and you will be completely blocked by the Jiangshi medical community’
Thinking of Lin Fan’s words, Zhou Xian’s body trembled fiercely again.
It was fulfilled…
Originally, in his eyes, Lin Fan’s words were like idiots. How could he be dismissed by the hospital, let alone be completely blocked.
But now, all of this has come true.
Could it be… Lin Fan?
At this moment, Zhou Xian couldn’t help but think of the fact that when he saw the back of Lin Fan in the ward, he couldn’t help being more sure.
It was Lin Fan who was harming himself, and he must have informed the dean and others!
This damn bastard.
At this moment, Zhou Xian hated Lin Fan. His eyes flushed red and asked:
“Vice Dean Gao, can I ask, who is telling the secret? Is it Lin Fan? Is this bastard? In the ward?”
Zhou Xian was completely anxious.
Just heard this!
Gao Zhiyuan’s expression seemed a little weird.
He looked at Zhou Xian as if he was looking at an idiot:
“To tell you the truth, Lin Dong personally ordered the ban on you!”
As soon as he said this, not only Zhou Xian was shocked, but also all the medical staff nearby were in an uproar.
They all know that Lin Dong is a big man with hands and eyes open to the sky, and the super existence of the five-body cast that both Dean Mike and Vice Dean Gao Zhiyuan admire.
A ban on this kind of character personally ordered!
This… is simply unimaginable.
“I…I understand…”
Zhou Xian was completely desperate, as if all his strength had been taken away.
However, in this despair, there was a strong resentment:
“It turns out that Lin Fan, this bastard, did not tell you the secret, but directly found Lin Dong and told Lin Dong personally!”
“This despicable villain, I Zhou Xian and him are not at odds!”
Zhou Xian knew that he would continue to stay here, but it was just a mockery.
After all, he can’t afford a person like Lin Dong.
Can only turn around and leave.
But he didn’t know!
Looking at his back, Gao Zhiyuan looked more like an idiot.
This guy has a lot of imagination, but his idiot is that he might not have thought that Lin Fan, whom he resented, was what scared him…Lin Dong!

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