Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 192

A strong expression of excitement appeared on Zhou Xian’s face. He turned to his mother-in-law Cuiping and his wife Shen Ling and said:
“Mom! The boss of our hospital is here, I have to meet him!”
Zhou Xian is here. This hospital belongs to the youngest chief physician.
Bright future!
If he can get the respect of Lin Dong, then he will surely become so proud in the future.
And hear this!
Mother-in-law Cuiping and wife Shen Ling were also happy to close their mouths from ear to ear, and urged excitedly:
“Go! Be sure to perform well in front of your boss!”
“Yes, husband, Lin Dong is a big man, you Speaking and doing things, you must have a good sense of measure!” The two explained painstakingly.
And Zhou Xian responded, and immediately ran upstairs with excitement.
And when he just came to the top floor!
I saw the end of the corridor on the top floor, already crowded with people, and any one of them was at the level of chief physicians in all major departments of this hospital.
When they saw Zhou Xian running over, they said hello one by one.
“Everyone, is the boss inside?” Zhou Xian asked excitedly, panting.
Hearing this, an old doctor said:
“It’s inside! The dean and the deputy dean are accompanied by the boss’s mother-in-law to do the checkup!”
Phoo… the boss is the boss!
The dean, a western doctor, the vice dean, the first Chinese medicine doctor, and two big names, personally took charge of the inspection.
This treatment is simply unimaginable.
Right now, Zhou Xian looked into the ward through the densely packed figures.
However, when he saw a slightly blurred back in the ward, Zhou Xian’s body shook severely:
“Why does that person’s back look like… Lin Fan?”
Zhou Xian barely dared at this moment. Believe in your own eyes.
He immediately rubbed his eyes, and then looked into the ward again.
Only then discovered!
In the ward, Lin Fan seems to be gone?
Zhou Xian’s brows were tightly frowned, and he couldn’t help but shook his head:
“I must be dazzled, such a super VIP ward, that poor son-in-law, how can I be qualified to come in!”
Thought of this!
Zhou Xian followed the crowd and slowly squeezed into it, wanting to see the honor of his boss.
Just before Zhou Xian squeezed to the door, there was a burst of noise and crowding in front of him, only to find that the dean and deputy dean walked out with a gloomy face.
Not only that!
These two big coffees just came out and closed the door of Super VIP.
“Zhou Xian!!!”
With Gao Zhiyuan’s shout, the chief physicians around have made way for Zhou Xian!
“Vice Dean, I’m here!” Zhou Xian was startled, but his heart was even more ecstatic.
He hurried to the front of Gao Zhiyuan, and then said excitedly:
“Associate Dean, are you looking for me? Could it be Lin Dong…”
Zhou Xian immediately thought that Lin Dong was going to summon himself, which made his excited body Some trembled.
“You were expelled! In addition, I have contacted all colleagues in the medical field of Jiang City. In view of your selfishness, your own pockets, and the corrupt medical ethics! The medical field of Jiang City has decided to treat you comprehensively from today onwards. Block! Never hire! ”
Gao Zhiyuan’s words fell in Zhou Xian’s ears, making him like five thunders, and he could hardly believe his ears.

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