Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 196

“Old man Gao!”
Seeing Gao Zhiyuan, the gray-robed old man’s complexion was slightly loosened, but when he saw Lin Fan, his brows curled up instantly:
“Boy, what are you talking about?”
Lin Fan sneered at the corner of his mouth. He glanced at the gray-robed old man and couldn’t help but shook his head slightly and smiled:
“Excuse me, how many years have you been practicing Bajiquan?” How many years?
The gray-robed old man was slightly taken aback.
This set of eighth level of national martial arts was bought by him three years ago from an expert in the world at a sky-high price. After three years of training, his strength skyrocketed.
But what does it have to do with Lin Fan!
“Three years, why?” The gray-robed old man looked at Lin Fan, full of hostility.
And hear this!
Lin Fan smiled more and more disdainfully:
“Then you know, Bajiquan, if you don’t teach people for eight years, it takes eight years to teach people!” “You only practice for three years and then come out to teach people to practice, it is no different from harming others. Life!”
Lin Fan’s words changed the expressions of the gray-robed old man and the glamorous girl.
Kill people?
This hat can be deducted too big, suddenly looking old man in a gray robe, almost gloomy drop water:
“! Nonsense old lady had never heard of, do not teach people what eight years, teaching people to eight years!”
“Boy I do not care who you are? if irresponsible remarks here, the old lady to be careful you’re welcome! ”
A white mist suddenly appeared on the body of the gray-robed old man, like a suffocating aura, making Gao Zhiyuan and the glamorous girl instantly plunge into the ice cellar, feeling that the temperature had dropped a few minutes.
See this scene!
Gao Zhiyuan was shocked, and quickly stopped in front of Lin Fan, and explained to the gray-robed old man:
“Kong Lao calms down his anger! This little gentleman is Fei Lao’s lifesaver, not unreasonable!”
This sentence instantly changed the gray-robed old man’s complexion, and his expression changed slightly, and only then did he suppress the cold breath on his body.
After all, he also heard that there was a genius doctor Lin who treated Fei Lao.
Even if he was extremely angry with Lin Fan, he couldn’t attack at this moment.
“Little brother, are you my grandfather’s savior, Doctor Lin?” At this moment, the beautiful girl next to her ran up gratefully and asked curiously.
She originally thought that the person who saved her grandfather should be an old Chinese medicine doctor who was seven to eighty years old.
But I never thought that Lin Fan was so young.
Just now!
Not waiting for Lin Fan to answer!
He heard a hearty laughter in the corridor next to him from far away:
“Hahaha…that’s right! This little gentleman is the genius doctor Lin who saved the old man’s life!”
Hearing this, everyone turned around. By looking at it, I saw an old man wearing a Tang suit with a blushing face coming from the inner courtyard.
His breath is majestic and extraordinary, and his steps are steady and powerful!
At first glance, he is a superior.
It’s just that Lin Fan was slightly taken aback when he saw the old man.
Because of this person, it was the old Fei who had the’Filling Lock’ disease that he treated with the method of white bone acupuncture during the live broadcast!
“It’s you?”
Lin Fan suddenly realized why Gao Zhiyuan and the girl said that they had cured each other.
Da da da!
At this moment, I saw Mr. Fei in the Tang suit and ran over quickly. When he came to Lin Fan, he was full of respect and gratitude, and bowed deeply to Lin Fan:
“Old man Fei Changqing, thank Lin Fan The life-saving grace of the genius doctor!”
Fei Changqing!
For some reason, this name is familiar to Lin Fan.
See this scene!
The old man next to him hurriedly explained:
“Mr. Lin, don’t you know? This old Fei Changqing is the uncle of Fei Yong of the Jiangshi Yongsheng Group! He is also the richest man in Yunhai City next to us and the largest family member in Yunhai. The helm of the house!”

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