Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 2

There are three cars in the Bai’s garage.
A Mercedes-Benz S600, a Maserati, and a dilapidated electric car that Lin Fan was riding on.
At ordinary times, Bai Yi, the beautiful president, goes out and is used to driving the Mercedes-Benz S600, which is not high-profile but has connotations.
However, just as Bai Yi was about to open the car door and sat in the driver’s seat, he was stopped by a big hand.
Bai Yi was startled and looked at Lin Fan suspiciously.
“Let me drive today!” Lin Fan smiled slightly and sat in the driver’s seat under Bai Yi’s surprised eyes.
“Can you drive?” Bai Yi was stunned.
In the three years since they got married, she has never seen Lin Fan drive and go out often. This guy almost rides an electric car.
She had never seen Lin Fan’s driver’s license.
“You’ll know in a while!” Lin Fan didn’t explain, smiled slightly, and fastened his seat belt.
Seeing this scene, Bai Yi was puzzled, but did not refuse, turned and sat in the passenger seat.
Do not know why!
Bai Yi discovered at this moment that Lin Fan seemed to have changed a lot.
In the past, Lin Fan seemed conscientious and timid, but now Lin Fan always has a confident smile on his lips, as if everything is in control.
It is said that confident men are the most handsome, but in Bai Yi’s eyes, Lin Fan with this look is indeed…somewhat handsome.
When the door is closed!
What surprised Bai Yi was that Lin Fan didn’t even start the car. Instead, there was a touch of nostalgia and Mo Ming’s melancholy in his eyes:
“Bai Yi, do you remember Bai Ji Mantou Pu?”
Bai Yi was startled.
She naturally remembered that when she was young, the relationship between her parents and her grandfather was at odds. The family of three was expelled from the Bai family by her grandfather. They could only make a living by opening a steamed bun shop. How could she forget.
But she didn’t understand why Lin Fan mentioned this.
Seeing Bai Yi’s appearance, in Lin Fan’s mind, a picture of a little girl with a runny nose and a ponytail appeared.
That was ten years ago.
When he was thirteen years old, his master devil issued him a killing order to track down a big murderer of a mysterious organization and came to Yanhuang territory.
That battle!
Xiao Linfan killed the thirty-two gold medal killers of the mysterious organization. In the final battle with the big murderer, although he successfully killed the opponent, he was also seriously injured and dying.
It was still wee hours.
The streets of Jiangshi were deserted and empty, with only a steamed bun shop with light.
At that moment, Lin Fan crawled all the way, wanting to leave.
The scarlet blood cut a long blood mark on the street floor. He really thought he was going to die.
Hunger, pain, and tiredness are constantly destroying his nerves.
But just when he could hardly hold on, a little girl appeared in front of him.
Exactly, Little Baiyi!
“Brother, are you hungry? Here, this is my big steamed bun, eat it!”
Lin Fan will always remember that Xiao Baiyi’s smile is so sweet, like a candy, sweet to the bone.
It was that steamed bun that allowed Xiao Lin Fan to regain some strength, miraculously coming to an end.
He left Yanhuang!
Completed Master’s ultimate mission, at the age of thirteen, became the new king of the global dark world!
Even if he was stellar and invincible abroad, he still couldn’t forget Xiao Baiyi and the bloody steamed bun.
“Lin Fan, what’s the matter with you?” Bai Yi frowned slightly at this moment.
She felt that Lin Fan’s body was exuding a kind of sadness and nostalgia, that kind of mysterious atmosphere, which made her even suspect that the person in front of her was not a waste husband who had lived with her for three years.
“It’s nothing, let’s go!”
Lin Fan took a deep breath, sealed off the past in his mind, then started the car and left Bai’s house.
On the street, there is an endless stream of cars coming and going.
But Bai Yi found that Lin Fan’s driving skills were extremely skilled. Not only did the whole car not have a trace of bumps, but even the speed was extremely fast. In the flow of traffic, he constantly passed through.
The surprise in Bai Yi’s beautiful eyes grew thicker.
Only then did she understand that her own useless husband was not useless.
She didn’t even know that Lin Fan’s Mercedes-Benz was not only smooth and fast, but even avoided camera after camera.
Whenever you enter the camera range!
Mercedes-Benz’s license plate was either blocked by the car in front, blocked by the car behind, or got into a blind spot in the camera.
This is Lin Fan’s instinct. The reason why he hasn’t driven a car in the past three years is because he has been hiding his instinct.
But now, as long as Lin Fan thinks about it, then there is no camera in the world that can capture him.
Benz moved quickly amid Bai Yi’s surprise.
When they stopped at an intersection, Bai Yi was about to ask when Lin Fan learned to drive.
Lin Fan’s ears flicked, his face changed greatly:
“Be careful!” He said this!
Lin Fan suddenly hit the steering wheel, and the entire Mercedes Benz made a creaking sound, and almost instantly, it rushed to the side lane.
at the same time!
The car behind Lamborghini screamed like a beast, and rushed to the place where Mercedes-Benz had stayed before, marking a long car mark.
so close!
Only a few tenths of a second.
If Lin Fan reacted a little slower, then they must have been hit hard by the Lamborghini.
With Lamborghini’s terrifying momentum, this Mercedes-Benz and the two in the car must be crushed into flesh.
But even so!
Bai Yi was so scared that her pretty face was as white as paper because of this incident, and her cold sweat was flowing down.
This is more than that.
What made Lin Fan’s expression even more ugly was that there were two young people sitting on the Lamborghini, as if they hadn’t hit the Mercedes-Benz sedan, a touch of surprise appeared on their faces.
Immediately afterwards, the two laughed frantically at the Mercedes-Benz:
“Yeah! Isn’t this Bai Yi, the president of Jiangshi No.1 Beauty? How about? Come down and play with our buddies!”
“Yeah, tut, As expected to be the president of Jiang City’s first beauty, this handsome face is so special! Come on, our brothers will take care of you, and I promise to make you cool! ”
Foul language!”
At this moment, the two young men looked at Bai Yi in the Mercedes-Benz, with evil and wretched faces.
“Xu Ziheng! Zhang Tian!”
Bai Yi, who was on the side, turned pale after seeing the two young men.
She knew that Xu Ziheng was the eldest young master of Tianlong Group, one of the three leading enterprises in Jiang City, and a second-generation super dude.
And Zhang Tian is the only son of the powerful president of Jiang City.
These two are known as the two major evils in Jiang City.
Before, the two of them had been pursuing themselves bitterly, but they were repeatedly rejected by themselves, but they did not expect to meet here.
This is more than that.
Xu Ziheng turned his gaze and looked at Lin Fan in the driver’s seat. He couldn’t help but stunned, and then a thick sneer appeared on his face:
“Hahaha… Bai Yi, this is your trash husband, right? He was rumored to be useless and he didn’t expect to drive. It’s really extraordinary , haha…” Xu Ziheng’s words were full of mockery.
Zhang days off to the side, and burst out laughing:
“White Iraq, exactly how you see in him is no work, no appearance, he does not hack is good is great live ha ha ……?!?”
Both large and small The eyes are full of jealousy and contempt.
In their eyes, Bai Yi, a goddess, is only worthy of his own son, but now, it is clear that Bai Yi’s flower has been inserted into Lin Fan’s cow dung.
Hearing these humiliating words, a cold light flashed past Lin Fan’s eyes.
Before he waited for him to speak, Bai Yi next to Lin Fan quickly persuaded Lin Fan:
“Lin Fan, go! Leave them alone !” Bai Yi’s pretty face was pale, and his expression was full of worry.
Obviously, you can’t afford to offend these two evil little ones.
Seeing this scene, Lin Fan could only nod his head. When he saw the green light turned on, he instantly stepped on the accelerator, the Mercedes-Benz sedan sprang out and drove forward.
It’s just that they want to leave, but Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian on Lamborghini are willing to give up.
“Huh? In front of this young man, still want to run? Idiot!” The words fell!
Xu Ziheng sneered and slammed on the accelerator. Lamborghini made a roar and roared like an arrow from the string, chasing him quickly towards the Mercedes-Benz ahead.
He is the main member of the supercar club, and he is one of the best racing drivers in Jiangshi amateur racing circle.
Especially with this imported and modified Lamborghini, it is very easy to catch up with a Mercedes-Benz that is a wasteful son-in-law.
In the blink of an eye, Lamborghini and Mercedes-Benz are getting closer.
100 meters!

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