Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 3

Seeing Lamborghini, he will soon catch up with his car!
Bai Yi’s pretty face was ugly to the extreme, and an anxious cold sweat: “What should I do? That Xu Ziheng said that the racing skills are first-class, we must not be able to run away!”
Lin Fan just glanced at the rearview mirror, and a thick disdain appeared at the corner of his mouth. :
“Sit down!”
The three faint words made Bai Yi a little startled.
Before she understood, she saw Lin Fan’s soles and stepped on the accelerator to the bottom.
Hum! ! !
The body of the Mercedes-Benz shook, and the engine burst out with a dull roar, like a violent beast, suddenly increasing its speed.
Not only that.
What made Bai Yi even more shocked was that the speed went from 80 to 120, then to 140, 180, 200… You know, this is on the street in the city center.
The traffic was rampant around, and the speed reached 120, which was extremely dangerous.
But now!
The entire Mercedes-Benz sedans shuttled across the road like flying, one after another, was severely left behind.
What’s especially scary is that Lin Fan is driving a Mercedes-Benz, either left, or right, or accelerated, or turned…
like a fast fish, sprinting fast in the traffic.
Bai Yi’s whole head was dumbfounded.
She only felt that her body was flying, and she had the illusion of flying in the clouds.
Not only her!
The two Xu Ziheng behind were also completely confused.
Because they found that their Lamborghini speeds up, and the distance between them and Mercedes-Benz is getting farther and farther.
Fifty meters!
One hundred meters!
Two hundred meters!
The Mercedes-Benz, in the flow of traffic, sprinted like lightning, making them all shocked.
“Brother Ziheng, hurry up! Catch him! Don’t let this kid run away!” Zhang Tianji was sweating profusely.
If they were thrown away by a trash, then the faces of their two super running clubs would be completely lost, becoming a joke in everyone’s mouth.
Many big beads of sweat flowed down from Xu Ziheng’s forehead.
He has already used his abilities to the extreme, keeping the speed around 150, but even so, the passing cars still scared him into cold sweat.
“Ma! How can this lunatic drive so fast? This is so damn death!” Xu Ziheng’s eyelids jumped wildly, his expression filled with incredible disbelief.
After all, in the traffic flow, fast racing, too much test a person’s reaction speed.
Even for a professional racer, it is difficult to drive more than 180. If you are not careful, you may crash or die.
And the madman in front definitely drove above 200, what a… it was a monster.
But in Xu Ziheng’s heart, when he was almost desperate.
He was surprised to find that the speed of the Mercedes-Benz in front had slowly slowed down.
“Brother Ziheng! That waste is gone! Quickly, catch him! Kill them!”
Zhang Tian was extremely ecstatic.
Although he didn’t understand why Lin Fan in front of him slowed down, this was definitely the best opportunity for the two of them to save their faces and teach that waste.
“Good!” Xu Ziheng was equally ecstatic.
As soon as the sole of the foot was stepped on again, Lamborghini let out a terrifying roar, slammed into the Mercedes-Benz car!
this moment!
In the Mercedes-Benz ahead, Bai Yi was even more anxious, and scolded Lin Fanjiao:
“Lin Fan, hurry up! We are about to be caught up, what are you doing!”
Bai Yi’s head was completely down.
She found that Lin Fan was driving more and more slowly.
What’s more terrifying is that the Lamborghini at the back, with a violent impact, slammed into the Mercedes Benz, and it was even more frightened!
That’s it!
Bai Yi’s heart was completely desperate.
According to this Lamborghini’s momentum, I am afraid that the entire Mercedes-Benz car will be smashed into a pile of rotten iron, and she and Lin Fan are afraid that they will be doomed.
The engine behind it roared, getting closer and closer, and almost instantly, it crashed into the rear of the Mercedes-Benz car.

Bump ! Hahaha…” The corners of Xu Ziheng’s mouth were full of thick grinning, as if they had already seen the Mercedes-Benz car turned into a pile of rotten iron.
Just at this moment!
There was a roaring sound, and the grinning faces of Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian froze in an instant.
Because they saw that the Mercedes-Benz in front suddenly drifted from an incredible angle.
The entire body has rotated a full ninety degrees.
Lamborghini was knocked out.
Even more terrifying is that the drifting Mercedes-Benz car lightly touched the front of Lamborghini.
The entire Lamborghini, as if being swept by a crowbar, flew up in the air, and then slammed into the stone altar on the side of the road.
The loud crash resounded, and the front body of Lamborghini sank instantly.
The body broke and parts splashed.
The entire Lamborghini turned into a pool of iron mud.
On the Mercedes Benz.
Bai Yi was completely confused.
She looked at the scrapped Lamborghini and could hardly believe her eyes.
For a moment, she thought she was completely finished.
But even in dreams, Lin Fan drove the car as if drifting in place, spinning it ninety degrees.
This is simply more coquettish and superb than a professional racer.
Especially, when the rear of the car hit, like a crowbar, it made Lamborghini fly out, and her jaw dropped even more.
“No! Lin Fan, Xu Ziheng is the youngest of the Tianlong Group, and Zhang Tian is the only son of the president! If you deal with them like this, they will definitely get revenge!”
Bai Yi thought of this and brushed her pretty face. As pale as paper, a deep panic appeared in his expression.
Just heard this!
Lin Fan didn’t care, just a faint smile appeared at the corner of his mouth:
“Don’t worry! It’s okay!” Is it okay?
Bai Yi almost cried with anger.
How could it be okay to offend the two major evils at once.

Just when the Mercedes-Benz just left!
The recessed flat door of the Lamborghini instantly fell down, and two figures crawled out of the car in embarrassment.
It is Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian.
The two evil youngsters looked at the Lamborghini crashed into a pile of scrap metal, and the cold sweat of the two men rushed down from their foreheads.
so close!
Had it not been for the extraordinary protective equipment of Lamborghini, the two of them would have been smashed into a pile of flesh long ago.
Xu Ziheng’s face was stubborn, he was dignified, planted in the hands of a wasteful son-in-law, making him crazy.
“Brother Ziheng, I will contact my cousin now, and I must find this bastard!” Zhang Tian also had a full face of resentment and resentment.
At the moment, he took out his cell phone, dialed a number, and called.
Zhang Tian knew that his cousin was a big man in charge of transportation.
Let him investigate, the whereabouts of the two of Lin Fan is simply a piece of cake.
When the phone was pulled off, Zhang Tian’s face suddenly showed a look of seeing a ghost, as if he had heard something incredible.
This scene made Xu Ziheng stunned, and then asked suspiciously:
“Zhang Tian, ​​what’s wrong? Where did that waste go? Say it quickly, we can find someone to avenge!”
Zhang Tian swallowed fiercely and spit, and then said with a look of astonishment: “Brother Ziheng, I said you may not believe it! Just now my cousin investigated and found that the surveillance in the city did not capture the license plate of the Mercedes-Benz. ! That car, at the intersection ahead, disappeared… disappeared! I couldn’t find where it went…”
Hearing this, Xu Ziheng couldn’t believe his ears.
After all, the traffic monitoring facilities in Jiang City are extremely advanced. In the urban area, all vehicles have nowhere to hide.
On this road, there were dozens of cameras, none of which captured the license plate, and the vehicle disappeared from under the surveillance. How could this be possible!
“Damn it!”
Xu Ziheng was furious and slammed a fist on the scrapped Lamborghini.
His fist was shocked for a while, causing his anger to surge to the extreme:
“Okay! What a wasteful son-in-law! You dare to offend me Xu Ziheng, you wait! I’ll hit my old man now Phone, I can’t get you out if I don’t believe it!”
Xu Ziheng said, full of resentment.
Hearing this, Zhang Tian lifted his spirits.
He naturally knew that Xu Ziheng’s father was Xu Tianlong, chairman of the Tianlong Group, a gangster-like figure who stomped and shook Jiang City.
This kind of character, that little son-in-law, is completely finished.
Thought here, Zhang Tian’s face, but also a deep sense of awe-inspiring emerged:
“!!! Okay, I gave my father on the phone Father Loved Me, and if people knew I was almost killed victims, certainly not mad,”
said Finish!
The two evil youngsters smiled at each other, and then one after another called their own Lao Tzu.
at the same time!
In the office of the chairman of Tianlong Group.
Xu Ziheng’s old man, Xu Tianlong, chairman of Tianlong Group, stared at the computer screen, and the cold sweat on his forehead was constantly flowing.
“Oh my god! There is such a crazy dragon hidden in our Jiangshi! It’s terrible! This is terrible!”
“Our Tianlong Group is just a scale of the giant Universal Group, but we can’t think of it. The dragon head is actually on my site!”
Xu Tianlong’s voice was shaking.
And in front of him.
On the computer screen, a picture of a man appeared.
The man was dressed in black, and his whole person was like a devil in the dark, giving a sense of coldness and killing.
Even across the screen, it makes people’s back chill.
It seemed that he was the god of death who came out from the sea of ​​blood in the dead mountain, which made people tremble.
Not only that!
It is even more incredible!
The face of this man is exactly… Lin Fan!

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