Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 202

And see this scene!
Bai Yi immediately thought that he was overly attitude, and a trace of guilt appeared in his heart. He changed the subject and asked:
“By the way, who did you go to? The old man next to the old man, how come I feel a little familiar, but think Where can I not get up?”
Bai Yi was only outside, and he glanced at the villa and knew that this family was extremely extraordinary.
I just don’t understand what the old man did with Lin Fan to such a wealthy family.
“It’s nothing, and the owner of that house, just had a relationship!” Lin Fan replied lightly.
Heard this!
Bai Yi didn’t care too much either. After all, she knew best that Lin Fan didn’t have any social circles at all.
The people around him had no friends except their family of three.
“Lin Fan, I’m begging you, when you arrive at the Shen’s house, you must control your temper!”
“If grandpa and they speak badly, I hope you can bear it!”
Bai Yi turned his eyes at this moment. Looking at Lin Fan, there was a thick pleading in those beautiful eyes.
Lin Fan had to refute immediately.
However, when he saw Bai Yi’s misty eyes, he could only swallow the hard words on his lips:
“Wife, don’t worry! If they are not too much, I will not care about them. !”
Lin Fan’s words made Bai Yi a little relieved.
But Bai Yi didn’t know!
Lin Fan has one more sentence, no words!
If they go too far, Lin Fan will definitely make the Shen Family pay an unbearable and painful price!

The Mercedes Benz drove to the door of Shen’s house.
At this moment, the parking lot at the entrance was already densely packed with luxury cars parked.
Some of these luxury cars belonged to the Shen clan, and most of them were high-class figures who had close business relationships with the Shen family.
Almost everyone knows it!
The Shen family got a super contract!
Those business partners, all come to curry favor at this moment to see if they can get a share of the pie.
“The Shen family is hosting a signing dinner today! I heard that they won a super contract of 100 million US dollars!” A trace of envy flashed on Bai Yi’s pretty face.
One hundred million dollars!
It is equivalent to 700 million Chinese currency, this kind of contract, I am afraid that only some giant groups can get it.
The Shen family can definitely rely on this contract to skyrocket.
But when Lin Fan heard this, he smiled slightly.
100 million dollars?
In the eyes of others, it may be a super contract, but in his eyes, it is not much different from a pile of waste paper.
The two followed a group of celebrities from Jiangshi and walked into the Shen family.
It has to be said that the Shen family deserves to be a first-class wealthy family in Jiang City, with luxurious halls, spacious and bright.
Especially the banquet hall!
It can seat a hundred people, and it doesn’t seem crowded at all.
Exquisite floor tiles, expensive furnishings and furnishings made by art masters imported from abroad, luxurious chandeliers with diamond-studded edges and corners!
All of them demonstrate the rich financial resources of the Shen family.
This is also the reason why the Shen family did not put the signing banquet in the hotel. They held it at their own home. One was to demonstrate their extraordinary financial resources to their partners, and the other was to let Fei’s Yunhai Big Mac family experience Feeling at home.
Along the way!
Bai Yi led Lin Fan through the crowd, and soon found the main position of the old grandfather Shen.
Before Lin Fan finished!
When Grandpa Shen saw Lin Fan, his old eyes condensed in an instant:
“What are you doing? Get out!”

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Why is Bai Yi jealous of a 100 mil contract when the Bai family got contracts worth 10 billion? This doesn’t make sense , unless Bai Yi is only interested in money.

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