Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 213

Little sir!
We meet again!
When Fei Lao’s words resounded, all the voices in the Shen Family Banquet Hall disappeared, and almost all the guests couldn’t believe their eyes at this moment.
God, what did they see!
The well-known Fei Changqing, the richest man in Yunhai City, even brought a group of people to bow and greet Lin Fan, the door-to-door son-in-law.
how can that be.
Especially for Shen Taigong and others, their eyes almost fell out at this moment, as if they had seen a ghost one by one!
“No…impossible, Lin Fan…” At this moment, Taigong Shen felt his breathing start to rush, his heart pounding wildly.
And Shen Jian and others looked at each other in disbelief.
More than them!
Even Bai Yi next to Lin Fan was dumbfounded.
“Little…little sir?” At this moment, Bai Yi looked at Fei Changqing and the others who bowed their greetings, while looking at Lin Fan beside him.
She just felt like a dream.
Didn’t Lin Fan only meet Fei Changqing once?
How could it be possible to put Fei Changqing in his eyes, let alone bow and greet him.
Seemingly discovering Bai Yi’s doubts, Fei Changqing hurriedly smiled and said:
“Mrs. Lin, I had a relationship with your husband. If it weren’t for him to point out, my granddaughter’s national martial arts techniques would have gone into a halt!”
Guoshu Gongfa?
Fei Changqing did not say that Lin Fan saved the lives of him and his grandson. Instead, he only said that Lin Fan was instructing the martial arts.
And hear this!
Whether it was Bai Yi or Shen Taigong and others, this was a long sigh of relief.
That’s it!
They thought Lin Fan had a terrifying identity that made Fei Changqing so in awe, but now it seems that Lin Fan only helped Fei Changqing a little favor, nothing more.
It’s just…
how could Lin Fan give advice on national arts?
Taigong Shen and the others were puzzled. They only knew that Lin Fan was a trash and didn’t have the slightest ability. If he could say that he was a master of national art, they would not believe it if he was killed.
“Dad, will Lin Fan be a liar, and bluffing nonsense to deceive Fei and the others!” Shen Jian cautiously said to Shen Taigong at this moment.
con man!
And when he heard this, the more Shen Taigong thought about it, the more likely it was. His old face became gloomy in an instant:
“This little bastard, if he really lied to Mr. Fei, then once the matter is exposed, it will definitely affect our Shen family. No!”
Thought of this!
Shen Taigong hurried to the front of Fei Changqing and the others, and then said anxiously:
“Old Fei, you must be mistaken. Lin Fan is a useless son-in-law. How does he know what national skills?”
“You do not believe him, when he would forget nonsense!”
he said!
Taigong Shen pointed to the theme in the banquet hall and respectfully invited:
“Mr. Fei, the theme is ready for you! Please…” The theme?
Fei Changqing was taken aback. He glanced at the luxurious tables and chairs on the main seat, looked at the dazzling array of precious snacks, fruits and other things on it, and then turned to look at Lin Fan’s uneven and swaying Tables and chairs, and nothing on them.
Fei Changqing’s complexion instantly turned ugly:
“Shen Taigong, don’t bother!”
Facing Bai Yi, Fei Changqing respectfully asked:
“Miss Bai Yi, I don’t know how many people are there. Is it an honor to sit down with your couple?”
As soon as this remark came out, the audience was in an uproar.
No matter it was the Shen family or many guests, they couldn’t believe their ears.
You know, the main seat is the most noble place in the banquet hall, and Lin Fan’s seat is the most trash place.
Now, Fei Changqing even abandoned the best position, and instead asked to sit with Bai Yi and Lin Fan, what is this… how is it possible.

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