Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 212

At this moment, Shen Taigong and others were completely confused.
They want to break their heads, but they can’t figure out who their relative is.
“Mr. Fei, I don’t know what you said our relative of the Shen family is…” Shen Taigong asked curiously.
And hear this!
All the Shen family and many guests next to him looked at Fei Changqing. Obviously, they were also very eager to know what kind of person it was that was so respected by a big man like Fei Changqing.
Feeling everyone’s gaze, Fei Changqing smiled slightly before saying the name of’Lin Fan’!
But at this moment!
Fei Qingqing on the side pulled his grandfather’s clothes, then pointed to the back of the crowd, and said in surprise:
“Grandpa, look at it…”
Old Fei was startled, and immediately followed his granddaughter’s finger and looked behind the crowd.
But when he saw the figure in that position behind the crowd, Fei Changqing’s body trembled, and a trace of excitement and ecstasy suddenly appeared on his face.
“Unexpectedly, the little gentleman is here too!”
Fei Changqing was full of surprises.
After all, just parting with Lin Fan, and meeting again in a blink of an eye, this is an incredible fate.
Little sir?
Hearing this, Shen Taigong and all the Shen family were taken aback.
Then they followed each other’s line of sight one by one, looking towards the back of the crowd, but they didn’t find any special identity figures behind the crowd.
“Huh? Could it be that the little gentleman Fei said was Lin Fan’s trash?”
“Impossible! Lin Fan is a door-to-door son-in-law and has no friends, how could he know Fei Lao!”
“That’s right! That waste is in the most corner, Fei is obviously the other person watching!”
Shen Jian and the others were talking quietly at this moment.
When their discussion reached Fei Changqing’s ears, his expression changed instantly.
Lin Fan waste?
Your son-in-law?
At this moment, Fei Changqing, after looking at the direction of the Shen family facing Lin Fan, pointing, with a look of contempt and disgust on his face, he instantly understood what. Right now, he pointed to Bai Yi’s table, and then asked Shen Taigong:
“Old Shen , the ladies and gentlemen at that table look extraordinary! I wonder who is from your Shen family?”
At this moment, Fei Changqing was deliberately testing the Shen family’s attitude towards Lin Fan.
Then, he saw that after Shen Taigong realized that Bai Yi and Lin Fan were referring to him, his face suddenly showed a deep disdain and disgust:
“Mr. Fei, that lady is my granddaughter, and The young man next to him is my grandson-in-law!”
“Oh… I don’t know Mr. Fei said, my grandson-in-law is too unbelievable, has no job, and is incapable. He eats at home and waits for death all day, relying on his wife. Feed! What kind of man is this!”
No one in the Shen family noticed this, and Fei Changqing’s expression changed.
His eyelids jumped wildly, looking at Taigong Shen and Shen’s family as if he were looking at a group of idiots.
Just when Taigong Shen continued to say his dissatisfaction with Lin Fan!
Fei Changqing let out a cold snort, and then, under the stunned expression of all the Shen family, led Fei Qingying, Kong Lao, Gao Lao three people straight through the crowd, and walked towards Lin Fan’s location!
“Fei…Fei Lao, you…”
Shen Taigong was caught off guard by Fei Lao’s sudden change of attitude.
Not only him!
The Shen family behind, as well as all the guests, were all dumbfounded.
What…what’s going on?
what’s happening!
Shen Jian and others, one by one you look at me, I look at you, all are dumbfounded.
Especially in the next scene, all of them could hardly believe their eyes.
See you!
Fei Changqing led the three people behind him, went straight through the group of guests, and then hulled and came to the table of Lin Fan and Bai Yi.
Under everyone’s horrified but incredible eyes!
They all bowed together:
“Little sir, we meet again!”

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