Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 215

Signed with Baishi Group!
Quiet…At this moment, when Fei Changqing finished the announcement, all the voices in the entire banquet hall stopped abruptly.
Especially on the faces of the Shen family, their bright smiles completely solidified.
Listen, got it wrong?
Shen Taigong, Shen Jian and others had a bad premonition in their hearts, and immediately quivered and asked:
“Fei…Fei old, are you wrong? We are the Shen group, not the Bai group. !”
Hearing this, everyone looked at Fei Lao!
after all!
With whom to sign, this is not only related to the Shen family, but also related to the vital interests of all the surrounding guests.
However, when everyone was most disturbed, Fei Changqing glanced at Taigong Shen faintly, and then said playfully:
“Sorry, the threshold of your Shen family is too high, and our Fei Group is not worthy!”
“So, I temporarily decided to change the partner of cooperation to the Bai Group!”
When Fei Changqing’s sentence fell, many guests around were in an uproar.
It turned out to be true?
The contract object was changed from the Shen Group to the Bai Group. In other words, the astronomical contract of 100 million US dollars that the Shen family was talking about was just like this in vain.
In an instant, all the guests around changed their expressions looking at the Shen family.
The contract flew, and the Shen family was of little use to them, and now everyone looked at Bai Yi and Lin Fan fiercely.
Because in the eyes of these guests, the Bai Group is now their god of wealth!
Taigong Shen couldn’t bear this kind of blow anymore, as if he lost his strength, and fell to the ground.
“The door… the threshold is high? How can my Shen family have a high threshold for the Fei Group?”
Shen Taigong’s head buzzed.
He could clearly hear the mockery in Fei Changqing’s words.
It was saying that their Shen family was arrogant and indifferent, which made Fei Changqing change his mind.
The arrogance and indifference of my own family are only aimed at Bai Yi and Lin Fan, especially Lin Fan!
After thinking of Lin Fan, Shen Taigong’s body trembled:
“Yes! Lin Fan, it must be a bastard like Lin Fan!”
Fei Changqing knew Lin Fan.
And the Shen family looked down on Lin Fan, so there was only one possibility that caused Fei Changqing to change his decision temporarily, and that was Lin Fan.
Thought of this!
Taigong Shen looked at Lin Fan, wishing to eat him like:
“Lin Fan, you…you are fine! You are fine…”
He trembled with anger.
And seeing this scene, the rest of the Shen family still didn’t understand that the culprit of all this was this little son-in-law who was despised by them.
All of a sudden, the Shen family yelled at Lin Fan.
Zhou Xian jumped out again at this moment, his face was still bruised, and his eyes looked at Lin Fan, filled with hatred and madness:
“Lin Fan, you are simply not a human being. You have caused me to be caught by Lin Dong. Dismissed, now I’m hurting the Shen family again!” “I’m fighting with you today!!!”
Zhou Xian didn’t know where he was, but he pulled out a fruit knife, and then went crazy and rushed towards Lin Fan!
Zhou Xian at this moment completely lost his mind.
He was killed by Lin Fan and lost his great future.
When he wanted to do it, Lin Fan was beaten again and lost his dignity.
And now, the Shen family he relied on has lost the super contract because of Lin Fan.
This brought Zhou Xian’s hatred towards Lin Fan to its culmination!
“Die to me!!!”
Zhou Xian’s eyes were red and he went crazy, rushed to Lin Fan, and then raised the fruit knife to stab Lin Fan fiercely.

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