Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 219

The Mercedes-Benz car was driving slowly on the road.
Bai Yi in the passenger seat now held a thick stack of business cards in his hand, all of which were given to her by guests attending the Shen family banquet.
It’s densely packed, I’m afraid it’s nearly a hundred.
The owner of each business card is a famous upper-class figure in Jiang City.
Bai Yi’s heart is extremely complicated.
She couldn’t think of it in her dreams, she just took Lin Fan to the Shen’s family to plead guilty, but in the end, not only was she not invited, but Lin Fan was beaten by Lin Fan.
This is more than that.
Even the soaring price contract of the Shen family was dug into the Bai Group in an instant.
“This guy…”
Bai Yi couldn’t tell whether she was happy or annoyed at the moment. After all, she got a astronomical contract worth 100 million U.S. dollars, but she offended her grandfather’s family to death, which made her miserable. Chen.
“Lin Fan, what exactly did you do before?”
Bai Yi asked with a complicated expression, turning his head to look at Lin Fan who was driving.
after all!
A button is worth millions, and a piece of clothing is worth hundreds of millions.
How could this be an ordinary person.
Hearing this, Lin Fan instantly knew what Bai Yi wanted to ask, he couldn’t help shrugging his shoulders, and said with a light smile:
“My wife, I used to work abroad for a few years, but I don’t have a fixed job, it’s a… Well, vagrant!”
He is abroad and does not have a job.
Because his job is to kill people, kill all the international oligarchs and giants who threaten the blood prison.
It can be said!
Ordinary people don’t even have the qualifications to die in Lin Fan’s hands.
However, after Bai Yi heard the words’unemployed vagrant’, the corners of her mouth couldn’t help but twitched slightly.
Are you a liar?
Whose vagrant wandering around the streets wearing casual clothes worth hundreds of millions?
Seeing Lin Fan’s so good and cheap, Bai Yi gritted his teeth, and in the end could only look like a frustrated ball, no longer questioning.
Because she knows that even if she breaks the casserole and asks the end, this bastard will still pretend to be dumb.
The Mercedes-Benz has returned to the Liyuan Mansion.
At this moment, Shen Yumei was checked by Madman Mike and confirmed that she was in no serious condition. She was taken back home by Baishan early.
When Lin Fan and Bai Yi had just entered the door, they saw Shen Yumei and Bai Shan happily greeted them:
“Bai Yi, look, who is here?”
Hearing this, Bai Yi and Lin Fan were stunned, only then did they discover that there were two more guests at home.
A tall and handsome young man.
His features are sharp and angular, and his skin is fair and smooth. He is definitely a handsome guy.
In particular, his whole body, just brand-name clothes, would cost more than 100,000 yuan.
It looks like a successful person.
And beside him, there was a young girl, eighteen or nine years old, with pride and pride on her immature face.
When the man and woman saw Bai Yi, they stood up in surprise:
“Bai Yi, long time no see!” The tall and handsome young man looked into Bai Yi’s eyes at this moment, splashing with hot luster.
That kind of look, as if looking at the goddess who had been in crush for many years, was extremely hot.
And the girl next to her jumped forward with excitement, and grabbed Bai Yi’s neck:
“Sister Bai Yi, I want to kill you!”
The two seem to be very familiar with Bai Yi.
But Bai Yi was shocked at first, and then a strong expression of joy appeared on Qiao’s face:
“Brother Boyu! Sister Caier! Why are you here?”
This male and female is a sibling relationship!
The man is called Zhang Boyu and the girl is Zhang Caier.
These two people are neighbors of the Baiyi family. They have very good relations on weekdays. It can be said that they have a small relationship.
Since Zhang Boyu’s family moved to the capital of Jiangnan Province five or six years ago, they have rarely contacted each other.
Bai Yi did not expect that brother and sister Zhang Boyu would be here today.

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