Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 231

at the same time!
Lu Xun didn’t have time to watch it after he finished posting his Twitter.
I am completely indulged in the next few piano songs that Lin Fan will improve.
Not only him!
I am afraid that everyone in the entire western restaurant does not know that what happened here has caused a shocking wave in the global music circle.
Fanshen fan clubs in various parts of the world were all bombed.
Countless fans, after listening to the improved piano music, received almost unanimous praise.
Even this video attracted the attention of the Global Piano Association.
Robert, the world’s top piano master. Smith, reposted Lu Xun’s tweet, and even commented and praised: “God, unbelievable, this improved version of “The Love of Gifts for All”, both in rhythm and overall fluency, tends to Perfect! I don’t know, which Chinese piano master did it? It’s incredible!”
President Wilson of the Global Piano Association also reposted and commented on this tweet: “Oh my God, this is definitely for Mr. Fanshen. A tribute to me! I can’t imagine how amazing the piano mastery of the improver has reached, so perfect and incredible that even “The Love of Zeng Fan” can be changed!”

With these two pianos Message from the big guys in the world.
The global piano industry has completely exploded.
And for all this!
All the customers in the Phil Western restaurant know nothing.
At this moment, they just finished listening to the last song “Caribbean Love”!
When thunderous applause sounded below the stage.
The expressions of Zhang Boyu and Zhang Cai’er were somber that almost dripped water.
“Damn bastard, how did he do it?”
Zhang Boyu’s palms were just clenched together, and the palms of the palms turned blue because of excessive force.
His heart was filled with anger.
Today, the original protagonist should be him. It was him who wanted Bai Yi to express his love through piano music, and he staged a romantic show of love under the performance of the pianist Mo Yiran.
But he couldn’t even think of it. His carefully planned love scene became a stage for Lin Fan to pretend.
Mo Yiran, whom he invited at a high price, is now Lin Fan’s little fan.
This made him unwilling to the extreme.
More than him!
It’s more than that!
At this moment, when the last song “Caribbean Love” is over.
I saw Mo Yiran stepping down from the stage, her expression was full of excitement and excitement, as if she had just discovered a treasure, her delicate body was a little trembling.
When she walked in front of Lin Fan, she bowed deeply for the second time and said admiringly:
“Mr. Lin, on behalf of all Fanshen fans, thank you for everything!”
“I have to say, Your piano talent has opened my eyes to me. In my eyes, I am afraid that only the original creator of these piano songs-Fanshen! I can compare with you! ”
When I heard Mo Yiran, he compared Lin Fan with Fan Shen.
The guests of the entire western restaurant were completely blown up.
Everyone’s face flashed with deep excitement, as if witnessing a piano superstar rising up.
Not only the people around.
Bai Yi, Bai Shan, and Shen Yumei were even more stunned by Lin Fan’s performance.
The Baishan couple couldn’t imagine that their piano talents, who are the door-to-door son-in-law who washes and cooks every day, are so amazing.
Bai Yi, as if dreaming, looked at Lin Fan with tenderness.

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