Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 232

But at this moment , a cough sounded abruptly.
Mo Yiran was taken aback and found Zhang Boyu next to him, winking at himself.
At this moment, Mo Yiran understood instantly.
According to Zhang Boyu’s explanation.
After she finished playing the piano, she wanted to present flowers to Bai Yi. It was also through her to express Zhang Boyu’s love for Bai Yi.
Mo Yiran nodded, and then waved to the back. Suddenly, two staff members came over with a huge flower basket.
This is a’heart’ made up of 999 roses carefully!
Two staff members walked over.
See this scene!
Zhang Boyu was suddenly refreshed.
There were more than 999 roses as a gift, and Mo Yiran, the idol master, gave his blessings. He did not believe that Bai Yi was really indifferent to himself.
Da da da!
Seeing the staff carrying flowers and walking closer and closer, Zhang Boyu’s expression became more excited, and the smile on his face grew thicker.
Until the rose came to the front!
Zhang Boyu stood up under the doubtful gaze of the Bai Yi family. He adjusted his clothes, as if waiting for something.
“Miss Bai Yi, these 999 roses are for you!”
Mo Yiran said to Bai Yi with a smile on his face.
Bai Yi was shocked when he said this.
She didn’t expect that a piano master like Mo Yiran would give herself flowers, which made Bai Yi cover her mouth with excitement, her face full of surprise and incredible.
Seeing Bai Yi’s excited appearance, the smile on Zhang Boyu’s face became more intense.
He once again winked at Mo Yiran.
Imply that it is time to help yourself express love.
Mo Yiran nodded, then pointed at 999 roses, and said with a smile:
“Miss Bai Yi, these flowers are for you. I wish you and Mr. Lin Fan will stay together forever and grow old together!”
“I have to say, your husband is One of the best men I have ever met! ”
As soon as this is said!
Let the smile on Zhang Boyu’s entire face freeze instantly.
He did not expect that Mo Yiran not only did not help herself express his love, but borrowed her own flowers to ask Lin Fan and Bai Yi, what is so…
a trace of anger and aggrievedness filled Zhang Boyu’s heart, making him simply Crazy.
Mo Yiran seemed to feel his anger, turned his head, staring at Zhang Boyu sarcastically, and said disdainfully:
“Mr. Zhang, you invited me at a high price! But I hope you can know yourself, Miss Bai Yi does. Husband’s wife, and her husband, is a thousand times better than you!”
“So, I hope you are enough!”
Mo Yiran no longer looked at Zhang Boyu’s wanting to eat people’s eyes, and then smiled and nodded at Lin Fan and Bai Yi, and then slowly left and walked out of the restaurant.
The words Mo Yiran left was like a loud slap in the face, slamming Zhang Boyu’s face.
The customers around also understood.
Knowing that Zhang Boyu actually wanted to show love to Lin Fan’s woman, all the faces of everyone suddenly leaked a deep contempt and mockery:
“This guy, what an idiot! The lady from the other family clearly already has a husband, so he still wants to humiliate herself!”
“Yes, and Mr. Lin Fan is so good! Only this kind of person can be worthy of it. That beautiful lady, this guy is so greasy and noodles, what a thing!”
“Haha… he lifted a rock and hit him in the foot, this guy is really idiot!”
“…” The ridicules are like a note. Slap in the face, constantly slap Zhang Boyu’s face!
Make him ashamed!
Drive him crazy!
He couldn’t even think of it. Mo Yiran, who he had hired at a high price, put him along!
He didn’t even think that the venue he carefully arranged to show his love had become a show venue where Lin Fan pretended to become famous.

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