Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 234

Upon hearing this, the Baiyi family’s complexion was slightly ugly.
After all, they saw it with their own eyes that the waiter had broken this cup himself, and Lin Fan didn’t even touch it.
However, Bai Yi and the others are very well-trained, and they are not willing to argue with the waiter because of a small cup:
“Okay! How much is this cup, we can pay!”
Bai Yi said, he wanted to take his wallet.
But at this moment.
The waiter’s sneer voice suddenly came:
“This cup is specially made and belongs to the treasure of our Phil Western restaurant!”
“The price…500,000!”
The waiter’s words changed the expressions of Bai Yi’s family.
Not only them.
Even the customers around can’t stand it anymore.
“You waiter how it was? What cup so expensive, even to five hundred thousand?”
“Yes ah, but I just saw, is your own broken, why blackmail others!”
“It’s too That’s the truth!”
The many customers around, almost exclusively standing on the front of the Bai Yi family because of Lin Fan’s relationship, kept accusing the waiter.
However, the waiter didn’t care, and calmly said:
“The cup belongs to our Phil West restaurant. I said 500,000, which is 500,000!”
As soon as these words came out, Bai Yi and everyone’s expressions changed.
Naturally, they could see that the waiter was obviously making things difficult for them.
“Where’s Boss Zheng? I’m looking for your boss!” Bai Shan said with a gloomy face.
And hear this!
Da da da!
There was a sound of footsteps, and Zheng Xiong swaggered over:
“What’s the matter?”
Zheng Xiong frowned, looking at the broken cup on the ground, and asked in a deep voice.
Seeing Zheng Xiong coming, the expressions of the Baishan couple were overjoyed, and they said quickly:
“Boss Zheng, what’s the matter with you employee? It’s obviously that he broke the cup himself, so forget it! We can compensate! He actually asked for half a million. Isn’t this blackmail? ”
Zheng Xiong seemed to be taken aback, his face changed, and he turned to the waiter and asked:
“You said this cup is half a million?”
“Yes, boss!” The waiter nodded and admitted without hesitation.
And hear this!
Zheng Xiong slapped the waiter fiercely on the face, and immediately staggered the waiter.
Seeing this scene, the Baishan couple and all the customers around, they all breathed a sigh of relief.
Right now, he thought that Zheng Xiong, as a boss, would certainly be fair and punish the blackmail waiter.
However, immediately after Zheng Xiong’s sentence, everyone was confused.
“Are you stupid?”
“Where is this cup of half a million! It is clearly… five million!”
five million?
Zheng Xiong’s words shocked everyone around him.
Especially the Baishan couple, completely dumbfounded:
“Zheng… Boss Zheng, you…you!!!”
A trace of anger appeared in the hearts of the Baishan couple, and they could see that the waiter must have been instructed by Zheng Xiong.
Otherwise, the other party would never say 500,000.
And now, Zheng Xiong is taking the opportunity to blackmail, even at the expense of the lion’s mouth, opening his mouth will cost five million.
“Uncle! Aunt! You do not worry about the cost of your meal, my brother Zhang Boyu already paid up!”
“So, it has nothing to do with you!”
A sneer appeared at the corner of Zheng Xiong’s mouth, his eyes fixed on Lin Fan:
“And the person who wants to pay the five million yuan is him!!!”

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