Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 233

At this moment, Zhang Boyu was completely like a clown in a western restaurant, and was ridiculed by everyone around him.
Seeing this scene, the Baishan couple understood Zhang Boyu’s intention.
Although they were disgusting with what Zhang Boyu did, they didn’t want to embarrass the other party too much at this moment. They said:
“Boyu, you are…”
“Yes… I’m sorry! Uncle and auntie! I feel a little uncomfortable today. I’m going one step ahead!”
Zhang Boyu’s face was hot at this moment, where there is a face, continue to stay here.
I can only bite the bullet and smile awkwardly at Bai Yi:
“Bai Yi, when I buy the tickets for the’Fan Zhilian’ concert, I will be looking for you! Let’s go first!”
Without waiting for Bai Yi to reply, Zhang Boyu dragged his sister Zhang Cai’er with a desperate face, and fled away, leaving the western restaurant!
See this scene!
Bai Yi and Shen Yumei couldn’t help but smile again and again:
“It seems that this time, Boyu was hit hard by Lin Fan!” As they said, the couple couldn’t help but look at their son-in-law.
And when they saw that at this moment, Lin Fan kept filling his mouth with a fork, gulping his steak and drinking red wine, as if he didn’t even know what happened.
The corners of Bai Shan and Shen Yumei’s lips twitched fiercely.
This guy didn’t even do anything, so he let his rivals run away. If Zhang Boyu knew about this, he would even vomit blood.
Bai Yi also didn’t care about Zhang Boyu’s departure.
For her!
The biggest gain is to know my husband’s piano skills.
“My wife, eat them too, these steaks are very tender, and the red wine is fragrant and aromatic! Very good!” Lin Fan said to Bai Yi bluntly while eating and drinking.
And see this scene.
Bai Yi smiled, that pretty face was as brilliant as flowers blooming, with a strong hint of happiness:
“Then you eat more! Give this one of mine to you too!”
A trace of love appeared in white Above Yi’s pretty face.
She was like a gentle and considerate young wife, gently putting the steak on her plate on Lin Fan’s dinner plate.
After that, she held her cheeks and looked at her husband eating.
Especially after seeing Lin Fan’s mouth full of greasy, he laughed out from time to time’pouch’, and reached out his hand tenderly to help Lin Fan wipe off the oil stains on the corners of his mouth.
This scene!
It was as if all Bai Yi’s thoughts had been completely immersed in Lin Fan’s body.
When the Baishan couple saw this, they couldn’t help but glance at each other.
They feel more and more that their daughter has changed.
As if falling into love for Lin Fan, it grew deeper and deeper.
Just now!
But they didn’t know that everything before that fell into the eyes of the restaurant owner Zheng Xiong.
“Damn bastard! Isn’t it just a little door-to-door son-in-law? My brother Zhang Boyu was so embarrassed!”
Zheng Xiong’s eyes were full of anger.
He and Zhang Boyu are buddies.
And seeing my buddies not only confessed their failure, but was even hit so miserably by a door-to-door son-in-law.
As soon as his eyes rolled, Zheng Xiongji thought.
He quickly found a waiter and ordered a few words.
Suddenly, the waiter nodded, and then slowly walked towards Lin Fan’s table.
When the waiter came to Lin Fanyi’s desk, he respectfully said:
“Mr., let me pour the wine for you!”
Before Lin Fan could answer, the waiter picked up the red wine bottle and helped Lin Fan get the drink.
It’s just that the wine has just been poured, and he gently touched the glass with the bottle!
In an instant, the red wine spilled!
The wine glass fell to the ground!
This scene made Lin Fan, Bai Yi and others stunned, but the whole family saw that the waiter’s face changed in an instant:
“Sir, you broke a wine glass, please compensate! “

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