Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 24

The next morning, after breakfast, Bai Yi took Lin Fan out.
It is only strange that Bai Yi did not let Lin Fan drive this time, instead riding an electric car.
The cool breeze was blowing Bai Yi’s hair.
This is her first time riding an electric car.
In particular, Lin Fan who came from the waves masculine, so she Qiaolian bright red one, holding Lin Fan’s arm, nor by the tightened:
“! Lin Fan, we go to visit the Best Market”
to hear that Then, Lin Fan was slightly taken aback:
“Aren’t we going to the company? Today is your first day as president .” President!
This was a position that Bai Yi had dreamed of before, but he couldn’t imagine that this position was actually won by her husband.
“It’s the first day I took office as president, but at the same time, it’s also the first day you took office as chief technical adviser!”
Bai Yi smiled brighter and more beautiful, with a touch of sweetness:
“So, I’m going to give If you buy a suit, you can’t wear this old suit again!”
This sentence warmed Lin Fan’s heart.
old clothes?
Lin Fan looked at his casual clothes, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitched slightly. This is Catherine’s customized clothing worth hundreds of millions, something that many giants in the world dream of.
Shaking his head, Lin Fan didn’t refuse, but instead rode an electric bike and headed towards Best Shopping Mall.
Best Mall!
One of the most famous high-end shopping malls in Jiang City, with hundreds of internationally renowned brands settled in it.
And the owner of Best Shopping Mall, named Wu Guangrong, is also a famous boss in Jiangshi.
But when Lin Fan rode an electric bike, he just came to the mall!
A harsh brake sound suddenly resounded, but it was a BMW X5 that stopped aside.
The BMW door opened, and a man and a woman walked out of the car.
The man is a young man with a greasy face and looks very handsome.
The woman wears a white dress with heavy makeup on her face and holds a new LV bag in her hand, looking graceful and gorgeous.
As soon as the two got off the car, they saw Lin Fan and Bai Yi at a glance.
after all.
Bai Yi’s beautiful appearance is incompatible with worn-out electric cars and is extremely eye-catching.
“Ah! Isn’t this our school, the first school Huabaiyi of the year?” After seeing Bai Yi, the gorgeous woman was taken aback, and then a sneer appeared on her face:
“What? The dignified Bai family? The general manager of the group, have you actually gone to the shopping mall by riding an electric car?”
“Tsk tsk…It’s really a feng shui turn, the more you mix, the worse you are!” The gorgeous woman’s words were extremely harsh.
After seeing this person, Bai Yi’s pretty face instantly became gloomy:
“Xu Yanhong, you are getting more and more acrid!”
The woman in front of her graduated from university with her.
At the time of university, Bai Yi was called the first school flower of the school, while Xu Yanhong came second.
Add character reasons.
At that time, the young talents who pursued Baiyi were like crucian carp who crossed the river, but Xu Yanhong was bitter and mean, and there were few pursuers.
This also made Xu Yanhong extremely jealous and resentful towards Bai Yi.
Graduated later!
With excellent business capabilities, Bai Yi successfully settled in Bai’s Group and became the general manager of Bai’s Clothing Company.
Xu Yanhong married a Kuo Shao, and with Kuo Shao’s support, she became the general manager of a clothing company.
From then on, Xu Yanhong continued to compete with Bai Yi for the title of the first beauty boss in Jiang City!
But it was still defeated.
This also made Xu Yanhong hate Bai Yi to her bones.
I just didn’t expect to encounter it here.
“Tsk tut… Bai Yi, I heard that you found a wasteful son-in-law! Presumably, this is it?” Xu Yanhong was extremely happy at this moment.
It is a rare opportunity to hit Bai Yi, and she will not miss it.
Her eyes looked up and down Lin Fan, especially after seeing Lin Fan’s worn casual clothes, the contempt and sarcasm on her face became more and more intense:
“Bai Yi, I have to say, your vision is really bad! Are you married to a beggar?

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