Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 25

“Oh my god, this dress on your husband has been worn for several years!”
“Tsk tsk, look at the folds on this dress, and the fabric. It must be a stall! You can wear all the stalls! For so long, how poor is your husband!” he said.
Xu Yanhong opened her expensive LV bag, took out a hundred yuan from it, and threw it directly at Lin Fan’s feet, saying with a sarcasm:
“Here! Beggar, this one hundred yuan will reward you. Take this money, go to the roadside to buy a street stall, and the province will shame your wife Bai Yi! Hahaha…”
Xu Yanhong smiled wildly.
Humiliating Lin Fan made her feel more enjoyable than humiliating Bai Yi directly.
Not only her!
The young man beside him couldn’t help but glanced at Bai Yi fiercely, then smiled slightly, and also took out a hundred yuan and threw it at Lin Fan’s feet:
“Since my wife has rewarded you, I will naturally reward you too! ”
Two hundred yuan is enough for you, son-in-law, to buy a new dress!”
The two hundred dollars glowing red on the ground seemed to step on the dignity of Bai Yi and Lin Fan.
Bai Yi was trembling with anger, and his face was gloomy.
And just as Bai Yi was about to stand up and scold her, Lin Fan couldn’t help but patted her on the shoulder, then smiled and put her in his arms, and then said:
“Sorry! Our husband and wife do not accept bad sex. Impotence donation!”
Bad sex!
Lin Fan’s words made the smiles on Xu Yanhong and Huang Tao’s faces slightly stagnant.
The two of them suddenly seemed to be stepped on their tails, and their fur was completely blown up.
“You bastard, who do you call a bad partner?” Xu Yan flushed with anger, her expression filled with anger and frustration.
The young Huang Tao, as if being slapped in the face, was ashamed and angry:
“You are impotent! Your whole family is impotent!” The reaction of the two of them was extremely excited.
Just heard this!
Lin Fan smiled more and more playfully. He took a deep look at Xu Yanhong, and then said playfully:
“Although you sprayed Estee Lauder perfume on your body, you still can’t hide your alcohol and body odor! You should have a hangover last night, and In the taste, there are three different male perfume scents! So, you should have gone to the duck shop. Tsk tsk, order three ducks at a time, hello! ”
Lin Fan’s words seemed like a bolt from the blue sky that made Xu Yanhong bewildered.
She looked at Lin Fan as if she had seen a ghost.
No… impossible!
She obviously took a shower, she obviously sprayed a lot of perfume?
How could this guy smell it?
How is this possible.
Xu Yanhong’s head was completely down at this moment, and she didn’t even have time to react to the rebuttal.
However, this does not stop.
Lin Fan turned his gaze and looked straight at the young Huang Tao, smiling terribly:
“Your Baihui point is black, your complexion is yellow, and your eyes are hollow and dull. This is a sign of extreme weakness! Physical weakness but kidneys. Decay, kidney failure means impotence! Tsk tsk, it seems that you will never enjoy the fun of being a man! ”
This sentence was like a burst of thunder, causing the young Huang Tao’s body to tremble, and he could hardly believe his ears.
Physical weakness and kidney failure!
Kidney failure means impotence!
Lin Fan’s words were the same as those of the old Chinese doctor whom he had spent a lot of money on.
This made Huang Tao completely confused.

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