Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 250

In an instant, Zhang Boyu’s whole body froze, unable to move anymore, dripping cold sweat from his forehead:
“Young…Master, I…I dare…”
Zhang Boyu’s words made Duan Chun’s heart tremble.
He went out this time without a bodyguard.
Originally in his heart, relying on his identity, he could walk sideways, but he couldn’t think of encountering a lunatic like Lin Fan.
When he saw it, Lin Fan’s palm was raised again.
Duan Chun only felt his scalp numb for a while, completely scared.
He knew that if he continued to hit like this, his face would definitely be scrapped:
“No… don’t hit me! I was wrong, I knew it was wrong!”
Duan Chun held up his hands and stopped him with fear. before.
Until I saw this scene!
Lin Fan’s palm stopped:
“Do you really know what was wrong?” The voice was cold and indifferent, but it fell in Duan Chun’s ears, like the sound of death, which made his body tremble uncontrollably.
He has a feeling.
It seemed that if he didn’t beg for mercy, Lin Fan would really kill himself.
This guy is purely a lunatic.
“I…I know, I apologize to Bai Yi, I apologize to your family!”
Duan Chun covered his face, looked at Lin Fan’s gaze, and became more and more frightened.
Until then!
Lin Fan nodded in satisfaction.
“In that case, let you go!”
In a word, Duan Chun’s heart was completely relieved.
At the moment, he struggled hard from the ground, then staggered towards the courtyard door.
When he walked to the door, he couldn’t help turning his head to look at Lin Fan, and took a sigh of blood:
“Boy, I’ve written down this hatred, Duan Chun!”
“Unfortunately, you paupers, even if you fight. What about me! I can go to the concert tomorrow, but you…huh!”
Duan Chun’s words were filled with deep mockery.
His words just fell!
A voice came from outside the door:
“Excuse me, anyone?”
This sentence made Duan Chun and everyone around him stunned. They turned their heads to look outside, and suddenly saw a middle-aged woman in a suit and leather shoes standing at the door, asking respectfully.
“Huh… Assistant Li? Why are you here!”
When Duan Chun saw the middle-aged woman, she was taken aback.
Because the other party is the personal assistant of Asian queen Zhang Yichen-Li Qing!
She is also known as the most famous personal assistant by everyone in the entertainment industry. It can be said that Zhang Yichen can be popular in Asia. In addition to her and Lin Fan’s scores, Li Qing also contributed.
Duan Chun has been pursuing Zhang Yichen for three years.
Naturally, I did not deal with Li Qing less.
But at this moment, I couldn’t imagine that the other party found it here.
“Assistant Li! Are you looking for me? Or Yichen looking for me?”
Duan Chun’s bruised face was full of surprise and excitement.
In his eyes.
Only oneself and Li Qing knew each other here, and the reason why the other party came was definitely looking for oneself.
Moreover, it is very likely that Zhang Yichen’s instruction.
His own goddess looked for herself, and Duan Chun almost floated with excitement at this moment.
“Are you… Duan Chun?”
Li Qing recognized for a long time before recognizing Duan Chun with a bruised face, and then said in amazement:
“How did you make it like this?”
“Assistant Li, it’s not the time to say this. , Is it Ariel looking for me? Where is she now?” Duan Chun almost forgot about being beaten at this moment.
In his eyes, his goddess is the most important.
Li Qing shook her head:
“Sorry, Master Duan Chun, I am here this time, not for you!”
Duan Chun was stunned.
Not looking for yourself?
Who else can Li Qing call?
However, just under Duan Chun’s stunned gaze, Li Qing saw Bai Yi, and then ran up with surprise on her face, and said respectfully:
“You are Miss Bai Yi, right?”
“Miss Yichen early I’ve heard your name. I’m here today. It was Ms. Yichen’s request to send four super VIP tickets to your family! I also look forward to the concert tomorrow night. You must be there! ”
As soon as this remark came out, the audience was bewildered.

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