Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 251

At this moment, there was dead silence in the courtyard of Bai Yi’s house.
Everyone looked at Li Qing, an uninvited guest with all their faces, and couldn’t believe their ears.
Especially Duan Chun.
He was completely dumbfounded, ran up and said to Li Qing:
“Assistant Li, what did you…what did you just say? Super VIP ticket?”
“Are you making a mistake ? Why give it to this family! What…”
Duan Chun was angry and angry.
prior to!
After hearing that there are four super VIP tickets, not only can you sit at the front of the stage, but even have the opportunity to interact with Zhang Yichen, whether it is him, or the rest of the rich and young fans, almost all of them are used.
It is to compete for a super VIP ticket.
But in the end, no one bought it.
And now…
how is this possible!
In the unbelievable sight of everyone including Duan Chun and Zhang Boyu, Li Qing took out four tickets from her briefcase, and then respectfully handed them to Bai Yi.
These four tickets are obviously specially made.
Both paper and watermark are several grades higher than VIP tickets.
Not only that!
There was also a line of words written by Zhang Yichen himself: ”
Greetings to the most distinguished guest, Miss Bai Yi! ‘
‘Respectfully invite the most distinguished guest Mr. Lin Fan! ‘

The autograph of Zhang Yichen is written at the end.
At this moment, not only Duan Chun couldn’t believe it, even Bai Yi was dreaming, unable to believe his eyes.
“You… Did you just say that Miss Yichen gave us this ticket?”
Bai Yi swallowed fiercely.
Zhang Yichen!
That was the little Asian queen, the national goddess of China.
This kind of character actually invited himself personally, and it was a super VIP ticket that was fired up to sky-high prices. This, it seemed like a dream.
Look at Bai Yi’s appearance!
Assistant Li Qing couldn’t help but smile, and then respectfully nodded:
“Yes! Miss Bai Yi, this is indeed Zhang Yichen, let me transfer it to you!”
After hearing the confirmation, Bai Yi’s body trembled fiercely, and immediately covered his mouth in surprise.
This is simply a great surprise.
My idol, personally invited, is there anything more exciting in this world?
Just at this moment.
Whether it was Bai Yi, Duan Chun, or Bai Shan, Zhang Boyu, Lin Fan’s words came to mind.
“Tomorrow I will take you, don’t worry, it is a super VIP ticket!”
Thinking of Lin Fan’s words, everyone was shocked.
He… how did he know?
When Lin Fan said this sentence before, everyone laughed at him as an idiot, even Bai Yi thought it was his husband who was comforting him.
But now, everyone can’t imagine that Lin Fan has become a truth.
Everyone looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a monster.
Saw Bai Yi took the ticket.
Assistant Li Qing bowed slightly and said:
“Tickets have been delivered, Miss Bai Yi and Mr. Lin Fan, please go tomorrow!”
Li Qing waved her hand to everyone, and then left.
However, just after she walked to Duan Chun’s side, her footsteps paused slightly, and then looking at Duan Chun’s gaze, a trace of coldness appeared:
“Mr. Duan Chun, although I don’t know you and Miss Bai Yi’s family , What conflict has happened!”
“But I want to tell you that Miss Bai Yi is Ariel’s most valued friend! If you want to do something to her, don’t blame Miss Yichen for turning her face ruthlessly!”

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