Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 26

how come!
How did this guy see it?
Xu Yanhong and Huang Tao were poked into the deepest secret. The two were completely stupid on the spot, and even Lin Fan and Bai Yi left without even noticing.
On the mall road.
Bai Yi’s pretty face is still full of surprise.
She didn’t expect that Lin Fan gave Xu Yanhong and his wife a crit in a few words, especially seeing the dumbfounded appearance of the two, obviously being poked into the secrets in her heart.
“Lin Fan, are all those you said true?”
“How did you see it?”
Bai Yi’s beautiful eyes stared directly at Lin Fan, his eyes full of endless curiosity.
Do not know why!
She now discovers that her husband is really like a monster, as if he knows everything and is omnipotent!
Looking at the curious Bai Yi, Lin Fan smiled slightly:
“I made up! Who knows those two people are so foolish!”
Made up?
Bai Yi’s mouth twitched, and his head was filled with black lines.
In her heart, she also quietly breathed a sigh of relief. She was really afraid that her husband would become so terrifying, like a god, making people elusive.
Thinking of this, Bai Yi took Lin Fan and walked quickly towards the mall:
“Well, you will stop talking nonsense from now on!”
Although Bai Yi was puzzled, he still chose to believe Lin Fan’s fabric.
After all, she couldn’t believe that a person’s nose is so good that it can easily distinguish so many smells, and it is even harder to believe that a person’s eyes are so powerful that they can see through people’s hearts at a glance.
But Bai Yi didn’t know!
At this moment, outside the mall, because of Lin Fan’s two words, there was a big battle!
A loud slap resounded, and Xu Yanhong was slapped and staggered back a few steps, almost falling to the ground.
On the other side, the young Huang Tao stared at Xu Yanhong with blemish eyes and angrily cursed: “No wonder you, this stinky cousin, came back early last night! I really thought you were socializing, but didn’t expect that you were fooling around. !!!”
Huang Tao only felt a big green hat on top of his head.
And what makes him even more unbearable!
Lin Fan’s trash saw his green hat unexpectedly, which made him deeply feel the shame.
“You hit me?”
Xu Yanhong clutched her cheek, her face full of astonishment and disbelief, and immediately after reacting, as if going crazy, she went up to tear her husband Huang Tao:
“The last name is Huang! My mother and you Fight! Why am I fooling around? It’s not that you are a trash!”
“You are so incompetent, you can’t satisfy my old lady, I naturally find someone to satisfy!” The two fought together.
After playing for several minutes, the two of them were completely tired, and then they stopped.
“Okay! Let’s talk about this later, quickly tidy up the clothes, the old designer Yang will be here soon!” Xu Yanhong said to Huang Tao while tidying up her clothes and turning over her makeup.
In fact, she was fooling around outside, and her husband kept one eye closed.
Only today, when Lin Fan said it, Huang Tao turned into anger.
Thinking of this, Xu Yanhong hated Lin Fan and Bai Yi even more.
On the other side, Huang Tao began to organize his clothes like a frosted eggplant.
Even if he always knew that he was wearing a green hat, he did not want to divorce!
after all!
Now his company is controlled by Xu Yanhong. Without Xu Yanhong, he will lose a lot of money.
Especially this time.
Their company, but spent sky-high prices, invited Mr. Yang Lao, one of China’s top four fashion designers.
There must be no mistakes, otherwise the sky-high cost will be overwhelming.
At the moment, the two are waiting quietly with great understanding.
Only at this moment!
Xu Yanhong was surprised to find that black cars were driving over from the road in front.
The car stopped on both sides of the road, and then came down one after another black-clothed men and began to clear the field!

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