Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 267

Fanshen left the stage with Zhang Yichen’s heartbreak and the loss of thousands of fans.
The concert continues.
However, the song Zhang Yichen sang became more and more sad, which made the fans below cry.
It seems that all fans can understand Zhang Yichen’s mood.
Followed for three years!
Waited for three years!
What was exchanged was a silence and endless waiting to continue.
When the next concert was in progress, many fans in the VIP and scattered ticket areas were surprised to find that a figure walked out from the restroom in the backstage, and then walked towards the super VIP area. go with.
Seeing Lin Fan, many fans were in an uproar again.
“This guy just came out of the toilet now? Oh my God, did he really come to see the concert?”
“Yes, the climax of this concert is the appearance of the gods, and this guy has missed it. I wasted the good position of Super VIP for nothing!”
Many fans talked about it, looking at Lin Fan as if they were looking at an idiot.
Not only them!
After seeing Lin Fan come back, Bai Yi, who had been crying into tears, was also slightly startled.
Her pretty face, pear blossoms bring rain, and now, there is a little more sullen:
“Lin Fan, what’s the matter with you? After being there for so long, all gods have stepped down, aren’t you wasting your Super VIP ticket in vain? ”
Bai Yi’s Qiong nose twitched slightly, and her eyebrows wrinkled completely:
“Also, did you go to the bathroom to smoke?”
Bai Yi really smelled a strong smell of smoke from Lin Fan.
In other words.
Is this guy smoking in the bathroom when his idol Fanshen is performing a wonderful performance?
When Bai Yi thought of this, his lungs exploded, and his disappointment with Lin Fan became more intense.
It’s just that she doesn’t know.
Zhang Boyu, who had originally planned to watch the excitement, suddenly froze when he heard the word’smoking’.
Do not know why!
At this moment, he looked at Lin Fan, but the face of Fan God wearing a half-face mask flashed in his mind, and the two faces gradually overlapped.
“No… won’t it be such a coincidence?”
Zhang Boyu felt as if he had discovered the secrets of the sky at this moment, the whole person’s eyes were instantly rounded.
He at the moment!
Come to think of it, Fanshen’s divine comedy was improved by Lin Fan while waving his hands.
The god on the stage resembles Lin Fan.
as well as!
Before Fanshen stepped down, he was smoking a cigarette.
If we say that one coincidence is fine, but now there are three coincidences, which makes Zhang Boyu have to doubt that Lin Fan may be… a god!
Thinking of this possibility, Zhang Boyu’s scalp went numb, and he was almost scared to pee.
After all, this thing is too shocking.
Who can imagine that Fanshen, a global idol, would be the son-in-law of a small third-tier city. If it weren’t for this coincidence that he had seen with his own eyes, he would never believe it even if he was killed.
“and also……”
“The reason why Fanshen didn’t promise Zhang Yichen was probably because… Bai Yi!”
Zhang Boyu knew.
A national goddess like Zhang Yichen, let alone a normal man, even a woman would like or even prefer it.
But just now Fanshen left the stage without saying a word. This can only show that he has an unspeakable concealment.
And this unspeakable concealment may be… Bai Yi!
Thought of this!
Zhang Boyu couldn’t help looking at Bai Yi, his eyes were extremely complicated.
Especially at this moment!
Bai Yi didn’t seem to delve into Lin Fan, but turned to look at the stage. The lonely Zhang Yichen sighed while crying:
“Why is the god of Fan? Zhang Yichen is so beautiful, so kind, so noble, why is he not worthy of him! “You resent!
At this moment, Bai Yi is completely standing on Zhang Yichen’s side. In her eyes, Zhang Yichen and Fanshen are definitely a pair of talented women and a perfect match.
But she couldn’t understand why Fanshen did not agree.

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