Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 277

“Xiao Fan, it’s Bai Yi’s secretary!” Shen Yumei looked at the number and immediately handed the phone to Lin Fan.
Hearing Shen Yumei’s words, Lin Fan’s heart beat slightly.
He knows Bai Yi best.
If it wasn’t for something, she would never have her secretary call her family.
And now… something obviously happened!
At the moment, Lin Fan quickly picked up the phone, and immediately heard an anxious cry from inside:
“Hey, hey! Auntie?”
“I’m Lin Fan!” Lin Fan’s heart slammed.
The ominous premonition in my heart became stronger and stronger.
On the phone, Bai Yi’s secretary heard that it was Lin Fan, and he was overjoyed:
“Mr. Lin, the big thing is not good! This morning, our group’s sales channel for the Pill of Resurrection has been opened!”
“But I don’t know. What’s going on? There was a problem in the village in the city, and all the medicines were snatched away by a boxing gym! ”
Bai Yi’s secretary almost cried, and said with a deep cry:
“Because our employees have been beaten back, so just now, the president personally took people to the wolf hall!”
“But, something happened. It!”
As soon as he said this, Lin Fan’s complexion changed instantly, and his voice became icy, as if it contained a sea of ​​dead blood:
“What happened? Bai Yi? Say!!!”
Dang Lin Where this sentence falls.
Not only the secretary on the other end of the phone.
Even the surrounding Shen Yumei, the little beggar, even the fat man and others, don’t be so scared.
They only felt that this piece of air seemed to be cold, causing everyone to shiver unconsciously.
“Lin…Mr. Lin, calm down your anger! The president did not have any major accidents, but was detained by the people in the wolf hall!”
Lin Fan frowned deeper.
He didn’t understand what the other party detained Bai Yi for!
“According to a colleague who went with President Bai, they came back and reported that those people had put President Bai in an iron box! People have already been brought to the company, so you can go to the Wolf Hall within half an hour!
” Otherwise, whoever wins the boxer in the wolf hall will belong to Mr. Bai!”
When the secretary’s words fell, Lin Fan’s eyes suddenly splashed with crazy murderous intent.
long time!
He hasn’t felt it for a long time. So wanting to kill everything!
“What is the background of the Wolf Hall?”
Lin Fan’s voice was still extremely cold, as if there was no emotional fluctuation, but it fell in everyone’s ears, making them unconsciously cold.
It was like a bloodthirsty beast, starting to awaken under everyone’s eyes, causing everyone to take a step back unconsciously.
“Mr. Lin, we have thoroughly investigated! So-called Wolf Hall owner called the Iron Mask Wolf, but the last three years, the River City underground boxing super king! ‘ ”
According to legend, he was twenty war, the whole Victory! Without a single defeat, in the history of Jiangshi underground boxing, second only to Jiangshi Black Tiger! ”
Iron-faced Gray Wolf!
After hearing these four words.
Lin Fan swiped his eyes, staring straight at the fat man, a horrible arc appeared at the corner of his mouth.
“You… what do you want to do?” The fat man panicked.
For some reason, he sensed Lin Fan’s eyes and almost scared him to pee.
Like a beast!
Like the devil again!
This look is simply terrifying!
Lin Fan hung up the phone, then handed the phone to Shen Yumei, and then walked slowly towards the fat man:
“You just said that the iron-faced wolf is your brother?”
Lin Fan’s voice was extremely gentle.
While talking, he still cared about me and helped the fat man tidy up the collar of his clothes!
Gentle voice, heart-warming action!
The nervousness that made the fat man instantly relaxed completely.
He immediately thought that it was his brother’s name, which frightened Lin Fan, and Lin Fan wanted to reconcile with himself and apologize.
It’s not just the fat guy who thinks that way.
Even Wen Qian, Shen Yumei, and all the passersby around him think so.
after all!
People living in villages in the city know that the iron-faced gray wolf is an existence that no one can provoke.
Except Daoye and Heihu!
The strongest force in Jiang City belongs to the Iron-faced Gray Wolf.

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