Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 290

Not only him!
On the side of Wen Qian’s face, there was a deep sense of pleasure.
She hated Lin Fan very much.
This guy, who was in the Shengshi Club at the beginning, made her lose face, but today he beat her boyfriend into a coma.
Now, is he finally going to die?
Thinking of this, the smile at the corner of Wen Qian’s mouth was bitter and cheerful.
It’s just different from them!
The little beggar and the vendors, all nervous at this moment, all mentioned their throats.
“Come on, big brother! Must win!” In the eyes of the little beggar, tears kept falling.
Use your strength to cheer for Lin Fan.
Do not know why!
At this moment in the heart of the little beggar, even if it was the first time I met Lin Fan today, she felt that Lin Fan was like the closest person in her life.
He saved his life.
Then, he is his relative.
The vendors on the side, although afraid of the power of the iron-faced wolf, still feel their blood boiled at this moment:
“Young man, you will definitely win! Good people must be rewarded!”
“Come on, young man!”
Little beggar The shouts of others, although surging with blood, were instantly overwhelmed by the cheers of the surrounding fighters and customers!
In almost the entire Wolf Hall, cheering cheers for the four major boxers resounded.
“Kill! Kill! Kill! The wolf hall is invincible, the kid must die!”
“Come on, Fourth Master and Six Master, take off this guy’s head and avenge the Eighth Master!”
Cruel and vicious!
Every boxer and customer looked at Lin Fan as if they were just looking at a prey, waiting to appreciate the scene of his brutal slaughter.
And heard these shouts.
The four big boxers on the ring instantly looked cold, and looked at Lin Fan’s eyes, becoming more and more ferocious:
“Boy, offended!”
As the words fell, the four big boxers attacked Lin Fan almost simultaneously.
Fists, claws, legs, feet!
The attacks of the four fighters, like a rainstorm, blasted down all parts of Lin Fan’s body madly.
Shot is the key!
All tricks are deadly!
Especially the most terrifying thing is that the four major fighters just launched an attack, using their own special moves.
This scene made all the fighters and customers below extremely excited.
Everyone almost watched, those violent attacks enveloped Lin Fan.
This is more than that.
When everyone saw that Lin Fan was instantly hit by four boxers, almost everyone couldn’t believe their eyes.
Because this is so smoothly beyond imagination.
Especially the nirvana of the four major fighters all fell on Lin Fan. Everyone knew that, it was over…
The first time Lin Fan met, even if he was immortal, he would definitely become disabled.
“Big brother…”
The little beggar and all the vendors below were completely confused.
They couldn’t imagine that Lin Fan would fail so quickly.
At the corner of Wen Qian’s mouth, the smile was full of intensity.
Her heart was extremely happy.
“Is it over? This trash is finally over! Haha…”
Wen Qian smiled brighter, but at this moment!
The iron-faced gray wolf next to him changed his expression:
“No! Fourth, go back!”
This shout was filled with deep eagerness and disbelief.
However, it was too late for him to speak out.
Bang bang bang!
The four major attacks fell fiercely between Lin Fan’s head, chest and lower abdomen.
After the hit, a relaxed look appeared on the faces of the four major fighters.
But at this moment.
The relaxed expressions on the faces of the four froze instantly.

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