Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 289

be quiet!
At this moment, the atmosphere in the entire wolf hall was depressed and dull.
Whether it’s the black boxer or the customers, each one just feels that his heart is beating wildly.
They thought Lin Fan was a little sheep.
But who could have imagined that under the appearance of the little sheep, there was a hungry wolf hidden.
One by one, the black boxers looked at the miserable appearance of Ba Ye, and even began to sweat coldly on their foreheads.
Some customers even dare not even look at Lin Fan’s face.
“Lord Wolf, don’t be scared by this kid! This guy is just bluffing!”
At this moment , an angry scolding resounded.
It was Wen Qian.
Her pretty face was full of resentment towards Lin Fan, and she said to the iron-faced wolf and all the black boxers: “I have known this guy for three years, and he has never beaten anyone. I have never done anything before! He is just a complete coward!”
“I can be sure that the eighth master was injured before. This is definitely an accident. It must be because the eighth master accidentally broke his arm at the beginning, thereby giving This guy can take the opportunity!”
“Everyone must not be deceived by him!”
Wen Qian’s voice made the iron-faced wolf and all the black boxers around shine brightly.
That’s right!
Before, Ba Ye hit Lin Fan’s head with a punch. Normally, even if this kid nodded his head at the time, it was absolutely impossible to break Ba Ye’s arm.
After all, just relying on the force of the counter-shock to break a person’s arm is like a dream.
Obviously, Lin Fan took advantage of Ba Ye’s broken arm and panicked.
Otherwise, with Ba Ye’s strength, how could it be so easy to lose.
Thought of this!
Whether it was the iron-faced wolf or all the black boxers around, he breathed a sigh of relief.
“Fourth, sixth, seventh, tenth! Go on together!”
Fourth, Sixth, Seventh, Ten!
Hearing these four names, whether it was the black boxers or the customers around, they breathed a sigh of relief.
They know it.
Whether it is the Fourth Master, the Sixth Master, the Seventh Master, and the Ten Masters, they are among the top ten characters in the wolf hall.
Pick a person at random, and his strength is definitely not inferior!
And now, the four besieging Lin Fan, this is definitely a win!
Huh huh!
As soon as the words of the Iron-faced Gray Wolf fell, four fierce figures rushed to the ring like lightning.
Four strong men.
All of them were naked, and they could clearly see that a piece of muscle, like a horned dragon, coiled around their whole body, like four hungry wolves, giving people a boundless and powerful ferocity.
At this moment, having just taken the stage, the eyes of the four people stared at Lin Fan.
There is solemnity, resentment, and killing intent!
There are so many!
“Iron Claw Wolf Four!”
“Iron Leg Wolf Six!”
“Iron Fist Wolf Seven!”
“Iron Foot Wolf Ten!”
“Please enlighten me!!!”
Four big boxers, Qi Qi reported their names.
Just by listening to the names of the four people, you know that each of them has their most fierce nirvana.
Once the four people join forces, the four nirvana skills are combined, which is almost dead.
Even below, the face of the Iron-faced Gray Wolf was extremely solemn.
He knew that in the entire wolf hall, except for himself, there was no one who could resist the joint fight of the four.
And now…
“Boy, you can die!” The corner of the iron-faced gray wolf’s mouth was filled with a thick grin.

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