Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 301

“Master, how come your old man is here?”
The gray wolf on the bed tried to get up as soon as he saw King Kong.
And aside!
Duan Chun was so scared that his face was pale as paper. He only felt that he was 1.8 meters tall, standing in front of King Kong, like a little sheep, weak and pitiful.
At this moment, it’s not just King Kong.
Behind him, there were four men in their twenties and thirties. Everyone was full of flesh and blood.
Like a tiger with four hungry wolves, the momentum is so strong that it is creepy.
“Four seniors, you are here too!” The gray wolf face was full of surprises.
There are five disciples under the King Kong School.
He ranked fifth.
And above him, there are four senior brothers, each of whom is a city-level underground overlord-level figure.
The iron-faced gray wolf couldn’t think that not only his master King Kong had come, but even the four seniors he hadn’t seen for a long time also came together.
This lineup is terrifying.
Heard this!
King Kong’s gaze swept across Duan Chun in the room.
With just one look, Duan Chun’s body was cold and cold. This feeling was as if he was being stared at by a fierce beast, causing his hairs to stand upside down.
“Master, this is the young master of the Red Maple Group-Duan Chun!”
“I am his own!”
Cang Lang understood what King Kong meant and said quickly.
As soon as this is said!
Only then did King Kong’s complexion loosen slightly, his gaze shifted away from Duan Chun’s body.
Huh… At this moment, Duan Chun only felt his heart, almost jumping into his throat.
For a moment, if it hadn’t been for the Canglang to explain, he could be sure that he was King Kong’s next attack target. In minutes, like his bodyguard, he was seriously injured and passed out.
“It’s terrible…”
Duan Chun wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, and his entire face was still lingering fear.
“Let’s talk, what happened? We just came to Jiangshi, visited your wolf hall, and saw that the wolf hall was razed to the ground with a bulldozer! Only then did you know that you were pulled out!” King Kong said, Like Ruohong Zhong.
It’s just that there is an unspeakable ferocious air in the tone.
He is the first person in Jiangnan Black Boxing.
And if someone dares to abolish his disciple, it is equivalent to slap his King Kong.
How not to make him angry!
Heard this!
The iron-faced gray wolf didn’t dare to conceal the slightest, so he told all the causes and consequences of this incident right now.
“Lin Fan! Master Dao! Master Tiger!”
“Okay! Very good! A group of ants, disposing of my disciple, and looking for death!” The fierce color on King Kong’s face flashed more and more.
Everyone can sense his surging killing intent.
The Iron-faced Gray Wolf glanced at his master and senior brothers, and asked suspiciously:
“Master, how come you and senior brothers came to Jiang City?”
He was just deposed today!
It’s impossible for your own master and brother to get news so quickly.
Obviously, they came to Jiang City for something else.
“We are here to pay homage to Grandmaster Lin by your master’s order!” King Kong said immediately.
Hearing these two words, Iron-faced Gray Wolf and Duan Chun were shocked.
The two knew that the title of Grand Master was extremely harsh.
Only with strength, reaching the level of extraordinary, Feiye hurting others, can he be called a’Grandmaster’!
Such characters are extremely rare throughout China, and every one of them will be regarded as a guest of honor by China’s super family.
And how can there be a master-level figure in a small place like Jiang City!

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