Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 302

“Master, the Master Lin you are talking about is the mysterious expert who instructed Master?” The iron-faced gray wolf lifted up and asked with ecstasy.
“That’s right!”
King Kong nodded, and a deep reverence appeared on that fierce face:
“It is this person! Half a month ago, after he pointed out your master, your master changed his skills. Teach me the law!”
“From then on, your master and I have made great strides in strength!”
“In the last few days, your master will come to Jiang City and take us to see Grandmaster Lin!”
Sure enough!
Hearing this, the face of the Iron-faced Gray Wolf was full of ecstasy.
He never thought that he was fortunate enough to live in the same city as the Master Lin.
King Kong took a deep look at his five disciples, and couldn’t help saying:
“According to your master, that master Lin is not only terrifying in strength, but also unique in medical skills!”
“At that time, I will intercede with Master Lin and let him Help you heal!”
As soon as this remark came out, the wolf was extremely happy.
Being able to be healed by that kind of big man is definitely something he can brag about for a lifetime.
“Thank you, Master!” After thanking the King Kong, the iron-faced gray wolf couldn’t help but a trace of resentment appeared on his face. He continued now:
“In addition, the gray wolf begs the master to take action to avenge the disciple!” Revenge!
King Kong’s eyes flashed with a chill, and a cruel arc appeared at the corner of his mouth:
“Don’t worry! It will take a few days for your master to come to Jiang City!”
“And this period of time is enough for me to take care of those Lin Fan, Dao Master, and Tiger Master. The ants are completely crushed to death!”
King Kong turned his gaze and looked at Duan Chun:
“You are from the Red Maple Group, then, do something for me next!”
Duan Chun was overjoyed when he heard this.
It is definitely an honor for him to be able to help a strong man like King Kong do things:
“Mr. King Kong, please tell me, as long as I Duan Chun can do it, there will be no difference!”
Duan Chun’s respectful attitude made King Kong very satisfied.
He Mouguang, flashing awe-inspiring, mouth emerges with evil:
“Help me to do a race I want to challenge all the River City underground forces!!”
“Let them, either succumb to me, either …… dead!”
Word, Let everyone in the entire ward shocked inexplicably.

A few days passed quietly.
For Lin Fan, he is not at all in the rumors and speculations of the unexpected world. All of his centers are Bai Yi.
After resting for a few days, Bai Yi has gradually recovered from a state of weakness.
After learning that the wolf hall was razed to the ground by Master Dao and Master Tiger, she was even more grateful.
In the park.
Lin Fan and Bai Yi were walking together, but now, Bai Yi’s eyes looked at Lin Fan, and there was a bit more tenderness and bone-stirring.
“Lin Fan, I hope you promise me one thing in the future.”
Lin Fan was taken aback for a moment, then smiled and said,
“Wife, what’s the matter?”
“I hope you won’t risk me anymore in the future!” Bai Yi looked straight at Lin Fan with an unusually solemn expression. :
“This time, you are too impulsive. You should call the police in advance and ask the police to come and rescue me!” “But you were riding alone and went to the wolf hall. Isn’t this seeking your own death?”
Bai Yi said, seemingly still Some fear.
“This time, it’s your good luck! Fortunately, I met Master Dao and Master Tiger and wanted to destroy the Wolf Pavilion. This indirectly saved you and me!”
“Otherwise, not only me, but you will also be dead!” ”
Bai Yi looked at Lin Fan, his expression was full of blame.
She didn’t know what happened that day, and Lin Fan didn’t mention it.
However, when Bai Yi asked about it, he only knew that it was Master Dao and Master Hu who had brought his men and destroyed the wolf hall.
This also made Bai Yi think that she and Lin Fan had good luck that day, and they happened to meet the three major forces.
I heard Bai Yi’s blame.
Lin Fan not only did not have the slightest anger, but his heart was warm.
He knew that this silly girl didn’t want to commit a risk by herself!
Right now, just when Lin Fan wanted to say something!
Lin Fan and Bai Yi were slightly startled by the oncoming two young people.

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