Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 31

He would not believe it either.
Thinking of this, Huang Tao put aside all the doubts in his mind, and then said to the old man next to him:
” Old designer Yang, this time, you will help our company design fashion. I believe it will be an instant success. Red!”
“Yeah! The old designer Yang’s piece a few years ago, but it shines throughout Milan Fashion Week!” Xu Yanhong was also full of flattery.
Just heard this!
The old man waved his hand again and again and said:
“Ashamed! I am old and I can’t keep up with the trend!” At this point, there was a look of nostalgia on Old Yang’s face:
“However, I want to talk about Milan. Fashion week, in my opinion, the most classic fashion work is the imperial outfit of Pelle Catherine! ” Pelle Catherine!
This is the most famous beauty fashion designer in Italy and even the world.
Each of her works can be called a classic in the fashion industry.
It was just an imperial costume, and Xu Yanhong and his wife had never heard of it.
“Haha… you haven’t heard of it, and it’s not surprising! Because that imperial costume was tailor-made by Pelle Catherine for a mysterious guest, and it took a full three years!”
Three years!
Upon hearing this, Xu Yanhong and his wife were shocked.
For people like Pellet Catherine, time is money, life, everything.
Even in classic fashion, she can design it in one year!
And three years?
Xu Yanhong and his wife couldn’t imagine what kind of character they were to make Catherine, a superstar in the fashion industry, take so long to customize.
“Old Yang! Who is that mysterious guest? How could Catherine be willing to spend such a high price?” Xu Yanhong asked curiously.
Just heard this!
Even Yang Lao, fascinated for a while, shook his head:
“I don’t know! However, after the news of that imperial costume came out, many international giants threatened Catherine and wanted to snatch it!”
“But that one ! Mysterious guests, I don’t know what methods were used to make those international giants who want to snatch away from the world overnight! Since then, no one will know the whereabouts of that imperial outfit!”
As soon as these words came out, Xu Yanhong and his wife were shocked.
Who robs, who evaporates!
Especially a group of international giants, the horror of the mysterious guests is simply unimaginable.
At this moment, the three of them walked past the door of Armani’s shop while talking.
Just at this moment.
Xu Yanhong saw Bai Yi in the shop at a glance, she couldn’t help but stunned, and then a thick sneer smile appeared on her face:
“Ah! Bai Yihua, what a coincidence, we met again!”
“Just, riding. People with electric cars, how come to visit Armani? I don’t know, can you afford it?” Say
Xu Yanhong and the three walked into the shop.
And Huang Tao, at a glance, saw Lin Fan who was choosing clothes there, and a deep resentment appeared on his face:
“Huh! Lin Fan, you are a beggar who also pretends to be a wolf with a big tail. Choose clothes at Armani! , Aren’t you afraid of dirtying the clothes in other stores?” “Also, what do you wear? You are in a tattered, stalled store a few years ago, you really have the face to walk into Armani’s store!”
Huang Tao The words were extremely acrid.
But when Old Yang’s gaze fell on Lin Fan’s clothes!
His whole body trembled fiercely, trembling in disbelief:
“This is… the emperor’s costume!”

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