Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 32

Emperor costume!
When Old Yang saw Lin Fan’s old casual clothes, his eyes almost fell out.
He even suspected that he was dazzled at this moment.
The trembling voice of Old Yang was extremely small, and Xu Yanhong and Huang Tao beside him did not hear them at all. The attention of the two at the moment was all on Bai Yi and Lin Fan.
“Bai Yi, let me introduce to you. This is Mr. Yang, one of the four major fashion designers in China! This time, our company invited Mr. Yang to personally design. I see your Bai Group’s fashion business , It’s over! Haha…”
Xu Yanhong’s eyes looked at Bai Yi, her expression full of sarcasm and playfulness.
Baishi Group is a comprehensive group.
Among them, there are clothing companies.
Before Bai Yi, he was also the main person in charge of the apparel business.
In Xu Yanhong’s view, with Yang Lao, a top designer, Bai Yi is responsible for the clothing business, he will definitely be beaten by his own company.
Old Yang!
Bai Yi’s complexion changed slightly when she heard this, especially when she recognized the old man, who was indeed one of China’s top four designers, her pretty face instantly became ugly.
She never expected that Xu Yanhong’s company would have spent such a huge price to invite such a big man.
It’s over…
Bai Yi’s heart is bitter. Although she is now the president and not in charge of clothing, if the clothing business is suppressed, she, the president, will also have a great responsibility.
At that time, it is very likely to be questioned by the board of directors.
Especially, she knew that the most powerful method of this old Yang, the clothes he designed, would lead a trend.
At that time, Xu Yanhong’s company will surely sweep Jiangshi and all the clothing markets in Jiangnan.
The clothing business of the Baishi Group will be hit hard to imagine.
Thought of this!
Bai Yi’s expression turned pale in an instant.
“Huh? Are you afraid?” Xu Yanhong looked at Bai Yi’s expression, and the pleasure on her face became more and more intense:
“Haha… Bai Yi, do you know that you are afraid now? It’s too late! I tell you, this time we and Yang Lao Cooperation, not only to sweep the Jiangshi clothing market, but also to drive you Bai Group out of the clothing industry!”
“You, the general manager of the clothing business, are completely finished! Haha…”
Xu Yanhong only feels physically and mentally comfortable To the extreme, she likes seeing Bai Yi panicked, which makes her extremely happy.
And aside!
Huang Tao said sarcastically,
“Yanhong, you look at them too highly! Look at what her husband wears? It’s just a beggar costume. They are not qualified to be our opponents!”
“Hahaha…that’s right! Bai Yi, you are also the general manager of a clothing company anyway. Your husband wears the same clothes as a beggar. Don’t you feel embarrassed? If I have such a husband, what shall I say? I want a divorce too! Wearing rubbish waste is useless!” At this moment, Xu Yanhong and Huang Tao made a peace with Lin Fan’s clothes to the extreme.
Hearing these ridiculous words, Bai Yi was also dull for a while.
She had persuaded Lin Fan a long time ago. This dress has been in use for several years, so she can no longer wear it!
how about it?
Now she was laughed at, and she was ashamed of her.
“Lin Fan, quickly take off this dress! It’s a shame!” Bai Yi glared at Lin Fan dissatisfiedly, and then said angrily.
Hearing this, Lin Fan couldn’t help being speechless.
And just when he nodded, just when he was about to take off his casual clothes.
A trembling voice rang:
“This…sir, can I take a look at your clothes?”

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