Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 310

“Oh my God, who is this person? How come he is called a boss by Lord Tiger’s men?”
“Yes, even if it is Lord Tiger, they only call Big Brother! But this guy, is it the boss of Lord Tiger’s? Doesn’t that mean that he is also the owner of Tiger Lord?”
“How could this be possible! How could Tiger Lord’s boss go shopping for groceries in person, and ride an electric bike and wander around with a basket of vegetables?”
“…” At this moment , The onlookers outside the theater were all dumbfounded, and there were endless discussions.
All guessing Lin Fan’s identity.
at the same time!
Lin Fan walked into the theater. He did not disturb anyone, but found a corner, sat down in silence, and watched.
The entire theater, whether it is the seats or the high platform, is all dilapidated.
But inside, there was a lot of voice.
Almost all the underground gangsters in Jiang City have come here.
There are nearly a thousand people under the dense crowds.
In the first row, it is divided into two camps.
On the one hand, there are several top Jiangshi lords headed by Lord Tiger and Lord Dao.
On the other side, it is a tower of King Kong and his four apprentices.
Lin Fan also saw that a figure sitting in a wheelchair was an iron-faced gray wolf.
Next to him is the young master of the Red Maple Group-Duan Chun.
It’s more than that!
Even at the end of the crowd in Yunhai City, there was a person with a headgear that fixed his injuries on his head. It seemed that his entire face had just been injured.
This person was Lin Fan just met yesterday, the young master of the Qi family of the second family in Yunhai City-Qi Siyuan!
“It seems that the guys who have hatred and resentment are all here!” A hint of playfulness appeared on the corner of Lin Fan’s mouth.
Right now, he took out a peach from the basket, wiped it with his hand, put it in his mouth, and gnawed it.
And at this moment!
Just listen to a referee on the stage, the voice sounded:
“The 11th battle, Yunhai City fights the poisonous eagle-Li Xiong, win!”
As soon as these words came out, all the big guys from the Jiangshi camp, including Lord Tiger, Lord Dao, looked ugly and almost dripped water.
Eleven battles, eleven defeats!
Even the people who participated in the war in Jiang City did not go through ten moves under the four disciples of King Kong.
Every one who lost was extremely miserable.
At this moment, King Kong’s four disciples, fighting the poisonous eagle-Li Xiong, stood tall, and once again ran into the ring.
His fists were covered with blood, and these were the blood of the enemy.
A pair of eyes swept across the tiger and the others, and he smiled sullenly:
“Hey…It seems that you Jiangshi are a group of wine and rice bags!”
“We don’t even need our master to act. Only four of my brothers are enough. Can sweep your waste!”
Li Xiong’s attitude of fighting the poisonous eagle is extremely arrogant.
This sentence was more like a slap in the face, slapped the faces of all Jiangshi bosses, making everyone ashamed and angry, extremely sad and angry.
In the sea of ​​clouds camp, there was a burst of cheers.
“Four senior brothers are awesome! Go through the trash! Hahaha…” The iron-faced gray wolf smiled happily.
While shouting, he yelled at the tiger master and the others: “Master Tiger! Master Dao! What’s the matter? Aren’t you very awesome?”
“Now your men are beaten to death by my senior. Don’t try it yourself? Hahaha…” At this moment, the Iron-faced Gray Wolf was extremely excited, as if all the grievances were vented.
Not just him!
Duan Chun and Qi Siyuan beside them were also extremely excited.
Duan Chun is the organizer of this event, and Red Maple Group is the sponsor. Qi Siyuan and King Kong have an extraordinary relationship. The two are naturally on the side of the sea of ​​clouds.

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