Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 309

Lin Fan shook his head, but didn’t pay attention to the number one master of the sea of ​​clouds.
Instead, vegetables were carefully selected at the vegetable stall.
One kind of fresh vegetables and fruits were put into the basket by Lin Fan.
When he filled the whole food basket, he rode the electric bike to the Jiangshi Drama Theater not far away, slowly away!
Jiangshi Theater!
This was once one of the most famous buildings in Jiang City.
However, with the development of the times, drama gradually withdrew from the stage of young people, which also made the theater gradually fall into disarray.
Today, the battle between Jiangshi and Yunhai was held in this theater.
When Lin Fan just approached, he saw a lot of people, surrounded by the door of the theater, looking inward, constantly.
“Look, take another one out!”
With a scream, everyone suddenly saw that the door of the theater was opened from inside.
Then four gloomy big men, carrying a stretcher, walked out from inside, walked quickly toward an ambulance at the door.
On the stretcher lay a young man.
His upper body was naked, his muscles bulged, and he was extremely strong.
But now, his entire face is already bloody, and the scarlet blood wets his cheeks.
The chest is completely sunken down!
Scarlet blood almost soaked the stretcher, dripping onto the ground.
“I know this person. He is the subordinate of Lord Tiger. Unfortunately, he also failed!”
The many onlookers at the door sighed.
A depressive atmosphere haunted everyone.
“This is the eleventh battle defeated! It seems that our Jiang City will be swept away this time!”
“Yes! That King Kong hasn’t shot yet, obviously waiting for Master Dao and Master Tiger!”
“… ”
Many onlookers looked extremely ugly.
Although they are not members of the underground, they are part of Jiang City after all, and now being swept by the masters of Yunhai City also makes them extremely uncomfortable.
Hearing all these discussions, Lin Fan immediately parked the electric car, then carrying the vegetable basket, he slowly walked towards the entrance of the theater.
This scene also fell in the eyes of those onlookers, and immediately surprised everyone.
“Is this man a fool? He went to the theater!”
“Yeah, what’s more ridiculous is how this guy is carrying a vegetable basket! Damn, he won’t treat the theater as his own home!
” Hahaha…Idiot, look, this guy will definitely be beaten out by Master Dao and Master Tiger!”
“…” The many onlookers around, all mocking and playful.
Just waiting to watch, Lin Fan looked embarrassed.
When Lin Fan just approached.
The four big black men guarding the entrance of the theater suddenly spotted him.
The four of them were taken aback, and the color behind them changed drastically. They all faced Lin Fan and bowed deeply:
This scene is too abrupt, making those around you who want to watch the show. The ridicule and mockery on the faces of the onlookers instantly stiffened.
What did they hear!
Master Tiger’s subordinates actually called this guy carrying a basket…BOSS?
How is this possible!
Many passers-by were completely stunned, especially when they saw that the four big men in black respectfully opened the door and invited Lin Fan in.
Completely uproar!

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