Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 312

Originally, his thought of calling Po Lin Fan’s name was also instantly extinguished.
be quiet!
At this moment, the master who heard this sound was the one who destroyed the wolf hall and abolished the culprit of the gray wolf. The entire theater was instantly plunged into a suffocating atmosphere.
On the high stage, Li Xiong’s eyes were ferocious and shiny, and he shouted at the crowd in Jiangshi:
“Okay! It turns out that you are a rat with a hidden head and tail, which killed my fifth junior brother and died. His wolf house!”
“Boy, there is a kind of battle! I just need a punch, you can knock a beast like you to death!”
Li Xiong’s face was fierce, and his whole person was like an excited beast. Terrible eyes scanned the corners of the Jiangshi crowd.
And after his words fell.
The indifferent voice resounded once again:
“By you?”
Just two words, but with boundless arrogance.
It fell in Li Xiong’s ears and instantly made him furious, and just when Li Xiong was about to speak, he continued to abuse and provocation.
A dark thing suddenly came from the stands, like a meteor.
When Li Xiong saw this dark thing, the moment it flew in, he only felt that his whole body was standing upright, and his complexion changed drastically.
“Little Si, be careful!!!”
Not only Li Xiong, but in the Yunhai camp, King Kong also noticed this scene and suddenly uttered in shock.
That dark thing is incredibly fast.
Li Xiong wanted to dodge, but he just moved.
The dark thing, with a violent dash, penetrated his shoulder instantly.
Like a bullet, poured in from Li Xiong’s chest and shot out from his back.
Ding… A crisp sound came, and the dark thing, after shooting through Li Xiong’s figure, was embedded in the wall behind.
Especially, when everyone saw the dark object clearly, everyone’s eyeballs almost fell out!
That turned out to be… a peach pit!
At this moment, the entire theater was plunged into deathly silence.
Everyone looked at Li Xiong, the poisonous eagle on the high platform, and everyone’s eyes almost fell out.
Pieces of blood dripped from Li Xiong’s chest and back, and hit the ground.
Li Xiong’s face was full of consternation and disbelief.
He only felt a majestic pain, as if being hit by a bullet, sweeping through his body.
He stretched out his hand and touched his wound. The sudden pain caused him to feel dizzy.
The whole person completely lost all strength and fell straight to the ground.
this scene caused an uproar in the audience.
A peach pit, like a bullet, penetrated Li Xiong’s body, which is simply incredible.
In particular, the Yunhai camp is completely messed up.
King Kong and the three disciples quickly rushed to the high platform, and then checked Li Xiong’s injuries.
“Master, four of the four junior brothers’ ribs were broken. The only thing I am fortunate is that the heart and lungs were not hurt. This fortune was saved!”
a disciple said to King Kong.
When he heard this, King Kong’s eyelids twitched, and he turned to look at the peach core embedded in the wall behind him, and a trace of shock appeared in his eyes.
“What a powerful method! A peach core actually exerts the power of a bullet! This person is extraordinary!

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