Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 322

Sure enough, the monkey seemed to have anticipated this a long time ago. When Lin Fan’s voice fell, his whole person suddenly spiraled down, and then swept across the ground with a violent blow on the support leg of King Kong!
The sound of a physical collision resounded.
Under the unbelievable sight of everyone, King Kong’s tower-like body was hit hard by the supporting leg, and the whole person fell to the ground like a hill.
The second hit was successful again.
Under the stands, whether it was Lord Tiger, Lord Dao, or everyone in Jiang City, at this moment a heart raised their throats, and after seeing King Kong being swept to the ground, everyone cheered and jumped for joy.
The cheers shook the audience.
And the other side!
Iron-faced Gray Wolf, Duan Chun, and King Kong’s other four major disciples all looked like they had seen a ghost.
Fell to the ground!
Since they followed King Kong, King Kong has never been knocked down even if it is defeated.
And now, with only the second blow, he was critically hit and fell to the ground.
how can that be.
However, the nightmare has just come.
Immediately afterwards, Lin Fan’s voice continued to resound like a curse one after another.
“Take three steps to the left and attack his forehead!”
“Squat down five inches on the right side and punch his spine straight!”
One sentence after another!
As if a nightmare had come.
Under the shocking sight of everyone, the figure of the monkey, like a ghost, is constantly walking and flickering beside King Kong.
It can be said that, under Lin Fan’s guidance, the monkey has almost taken advantage of his agility to the extreme.
Even if his attack power is slightly worse, but after hitting again and again, King Kong was critically hit and hit again!
A trace of scarlet blood began to spill from the corner of King Kong’s mouth.
He only felt that all parts of his body were experiencing severe pain like a tide.
Every time the monkey’s fist, his speed and reaction slowed by one point.
“Damn! Damn! Damn!”
King Kong was almost crazy.
The people below were completely stupid.
“Twentieth punch!”
“Twenty-first punch!”
Master Tiger counted again and again, and every increase in the number would make his eyelids jump wildly.
He was shocked to find that under Lin Fan’s guidance, the monkey never failed, let alone injured.
King Kong, as strong as a hill, is like a big stupid bear!
He was beaten by a monkey and was helpless!
Iron-faced Gray Wolf and the others, their faces pale as paper.
They can be sure that it is only a matter of time before their master fails.
Embarrassed and miserable!
It was definitely the first time in their lives that Canglang and others saw such a bewildered King Kong. They were almost used as sandbags, punching the body with punches.
“That guy, is it a man or a ghost?”
The eyes of the iron-faced gray wolf and others looked at the crowd in Jiang City.
One by one, as if seeing a ghost, full of shock and disbelief.
From the far side, Qi Siyuan’s face was as pale as paper, and his body was trembling.
“Lin Fan is so strong, who is he? How could Feiye hurt people? How could he let a brat boy defeat King Kong with guidance?”
The scene before him completely exceeded Qi Siyuan’s imagination. He even suspected that Lin Fan was not a human being.
Otherwise, how could it be so scary.

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