Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 323

Not just inside the theater.
But in the Bai family group, there are all the sounds of cold breath.
“Oh my god! Oh my god! It’s terrible, the strength of that mysterious spectator is definitely beyond our imagination!”
The male colleague yelled like crazy at this moment.
His expression was filled with boundless horror, as if he had seen a ghost.
And Bai Yi and others next to him.
Although they didn’t understand how terrifying the mysterious spectator was, at the moment, watching the embarrassed King Kong and the dumbfounded live audience, they all understood.
The spectator who has not shown up is definitely an unimaginable super existence.
And just when everyone was talking about it.
In the video, there was a heavy muffled sound, but King Kong could no longer withstand the blow, and the whole person spouted a mouthful of blood, completely withered to the ground.
King Kong’s complexion was as ugly as dead gray. He was lying on the ground, with a pair of eyes looking at the monkey not far away, gurgling blood flowing from the corner of his mouth.
“I…I lost…”
Even now, he still seemed to be dreaming.
After all, he is the number one master in Yunhai City.
The first king of black boxing in Jiangnan Province.
Especially, after his master taught the new technique, his strength is leaps and bounds, and there is no opponent at all.
But now, he lost to a little boy, or a few pointers from a mysterious spectator.
This makes him unacceptable.
And the other side.
The monkey is akimbo, panting heavily, and his eyes are splashed with worshipful and fanatical luster.
He won!
Who can imagine that he, a thin and agile guy, defeated the No. 1 Black Boxer in Jiangnan Province.
Even at this moment, he has an unreal feeling.
Thought of this!
The monkey seriously swept the crowd of people in Jiangshi, and the color behind them was pious and solemn, and he bowed to the ground:
“Monkey thanks BOSS for the guidance!” The voice trembled.
Almost everyone can hear the excitement and gratitude of the monkey from the sound.
Especially everyone knows that starting from today, a few instructions from the mysterious spectator will completely change the monkey’s life.
Not only him!
At this moment, in the situation where King Kong has lost and the monkey has won.
Master Tiger, Master Dao, and the rest of the underground gangsters of Mingjiang City all got up from their seats.
Then they faced the rear of the crowd.
Qi Shushu bowed.
Serious, but fanatical.
This scene was transmitted to Jiangshi’s local network through video, and it immediately caused a sensation in Jiangshi.
In the Bai Family Group, everyone’s faces are full of excitement and incredible.
“Oh my God, is that mysterious spectator really a human? Why do I feel like he is as powerful as a god!”
“Yes, with just a few pointers, a young man defeated the invincible King Kong. This method is simply It’s unimaginable!”
“Idol, starting from today, my aunt’s grandmother will never chase stars anymore. I am the little fan of the mysterious spectator!”
“…” A round of enthusiastic cheers continued throughout the office.
And see this scene!
A hint of envy appeared on Bai Yi’s pretty face.
Their Bai Group is just a corner of Jiang City.
She can even imagine.
At this moment, I am afraid that all the streets and alleys of Jiang City are cheering for the terrifying mysterious spectator, becoming a loyal fan of this person, and being worshipped as a god by countless people.

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