Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 327

it’s me!
When I heard Lin Fan’s voice.
Huh huh!
One after another, he looked at the standing Lin Fan figure in the dim corner.
Everyone discovered that the location of Lin Fan was extremely remote, especially the dim lights there, and it was impossible to see Lin Fan’s face and appearance.
Only vaguely, I saw him carrying a vegetable basket, looking like a family man.
“Boss him…”
And when Hu Ye and others saw that, Lin Fan actually stood up on his own, each of them suddenly looked ugly.
In front of him, the ten great martial arts masters from Jiangnan came together.
No matter how strong his boss is, can he resist Kong Sheng’s top ten martial arts masters?
Not only him!
The Dao master next to him was also extremely gloomy.
He and Hu Ye looked at each other and instantly understood each other’s thoughts.
The two big men waved!
Suddenly, the men in Nancheng or Beicheng all around their faces looked serious, and each of them straightened instantly, pulling their palms to their waists.
Everyone carries a sharp knife on his waist.
Stand up.
It seems that all the underground members of the North and South City have received orders, as long as anything unfavorable to Lin Fan happens, these people will ignore them and gather together to besiege Kong Sheng and others.
Even if it is lost, Lin Fan must be protected!
The atmosphere is a bit depressing!
Especially after Lin Fan stood up, the Iron-faced Gray Wolf and others in the Cloud Sea camp were extremely ecstatic.
Hurriedly shouted to Kong Sheng:
“Master, that’s the kid! He hides his head and shows his tail, and actually hides in a corner, hurting three senior brothers!”
“Master, please take revenge for me!!!” The iron-faced gray wolf shouted sternly, and then faced Kong Sheng’s direction. Severely bowed.
Not only him!
Li Xiong, Zheng heaven-sent, three next thunderstorm, but also a road look, look ferocious but pernicious, facing Kong Sheng Lin Fan, who shouted in the direction of:
“! Please division of public justice for us”
“Please ten The Great National Magician upholds justice for us!”
“…” The three sad voices resounded in the theater.
And see this scene!
Duan Chun on the side was filled with joy.
“Idiot! Hahaha… This idiot really stood up! He’s over, Old Man Kong Sheng will never let him go!”
Duan Chun’s heart was extremely happy.
Faced with Lin Fan’s failure one after another, as well as Lin Fan’s horror, made him even more eager to kill Lin Fan and hurry up.
And now!
In Duan Chun’s eyes, Lin Fan was dead.
Not only Duan Chun!
at the same time!
At this moment, Qi Siyuan had been hiding far away. He was hiding in a corner of the theater, watching the scene in front of him, his expression was extremely complicated:
“This guy is too bad for the sky, I am afraid this time is over!” Qi Siyuan’s heart , Miscellaneous.
Before, he really hated Lin Fan so much that he wanted to die, but after this battle, Lin Fan broke his eyes again and again.
Even, he had boundless curiosity and awe for this mysterious guy.
Just Qi Siyuan knows!
No matter how great Lin Fan is, what can he do this time, but it is Kong Sheng, the master of King Kong, and the other nine great masters of the country!
“It’s over! He… it’s over!”
Qi Siyuan shook his head, as if he had seen Lin Fan’s sad ending.
Not just the people in the theater!
After Lin Fan stood up!
There was an uproar in the office of the Bai Group.
“Oh my god, is this person the mysterious spectator? Judging from his figure, he seems extremely young!”
“Yes, he still carries a vegetable basket and looks like a family cook! Huh? Why do you feel his figure? , A little familiar!”
“Yes! I also feel that his figure seems to have been seen somewhere! By the way, I remembered, why is his figure so like our president’s husband… Lin Fan?”

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