Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 326

In a word, let the master and disciples of King Kong, with the hot pain on their faces, embarrassedly want to find a place to sew in.
a shame!
That’s right, they not only lost the face of their master, but also lost the face of Master Lin.
Someone’s great master helped them improve their skills, but now, it can’t match the few instructions of the mysterious spectator.
If this matter spreads out, that Master Lin must be full of resentment, and Xingshi will inquire!
It can be said!
Today’s defeat, what face do they have to pay homage to Master Lin.
Thought of this!
Whether it was King Kong or his big disciples, they lowered their heads in shame.
After a while, Kong Sheng calmed down at this moment.
His eyes swept across the Jiangshi crowd present, but his brows were frowned:
“No! The strength of these people, except for the big black man and the guy next to him, the rest are extraordinary!
” How could you fail!”
Kong Sheng found out!
Although there are a large number of people in Najiang City, there is no strong one at all.
Only the strength of Master Tiger and Master Dao can make him look more. As for others, he is not even qualified to take a look.
Kong Sheng couldn’t believe how his disciple King Kong could fail in the face of this group of people!
And hear this!
The iron-faced gray wolf immediately replied with a grim face:
“Master, our master and apprentice are not defeated by the group of wine bags and rice bags in Jiangshi!”
“We just lost to one person!”
As soon as this remark came out, Kong Sheng and the other nine Chinese martial arts masters beside him were all startled.
They simply couldn’t think of who it was to defeat the Vajra master and disciples, which is simply unimaginable.
He hadn’t waited for the iron-faced wolf to reply.
Duan Chun on the side said with a bit of bitterness:
“Return to Master Kong’s words! That person first destroyed the wolf hall and abolished Brother Canglang a few days ago!”
“And today, he used peach pits, grape seeds, The pepper and other things abolished the other senior brothers! In the end, it even humiliated Mr. King Kong, and sent a little boy to give pointers to defeat Mr. King Kong!”
“This is not only a humiliation to Mr. King Kong and others. , This person is a trampling on your old dignity!”
When Duan Chun’s provocative words came, Kong Sheng and the other nine masters of national magic changed their expressions greatly.
Peaches, grape seeds, peppers, etc. hurt people!
Defeat King Kong with the technique of pointing!
The strength of this method made Kong Sheng and others unbelievable.
And what made Kong Sheng angry even more!
The opponent’s way of defeating his disciple and grandson is a humiliation level, and it is also humiliating him, Kong Sheng!
“Who!” “Who is so arrogant and arrogant who dare to humiliate my disciples and grandchildren of Kong Sheng! Stand up for the old man!!!”
Kong Sheng’s gaze was thick and dense, sweeping across the place where everyone in Jiang City was.
And when he can see.
Those underground bigwigs in Jiang City all felt their scalp numb, and they lowered their heads one after another, and they didn’t even have the courage to look at Kong Sheng.
Duan Chun and Iron-faced Gray Wolf on the side gave a gloomy smile.
Right now, the two wanted to say the name of’Lin Fan’ together!
But at this moment!
A faint voice resounded straight out:
“It’s me!” The words came!
Everyone saw that in a dim corner of the theater, a thin figure slowly stood up.

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