Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 334

At the same time!
When Bai Yi went to the company, she didn’t know that there were two uninvited guests in the Bai Group.
These two people are Bai Yi’s uncle Shen Jian and cousin Shen Jie.
Conference room.
Shen Jian, who was waiting for Bai Yi, with a trace of worry and anxiety on his face, asked his son,
“Xiaojie, are you sure that this works? We are blackmail!”
“After all, we are here. A single business costs only one million! You asked Bai Yi to invest 100 million for us! This…”
Come here this time.
It was Shen Jie’s idea.
He took a business of about one million yuan, but he threatened to get one hundred million from Bai Yi.
This made Shen Jian a little unbelievable and a little uneasy.
“Dad, don’t you know! Bai Yi’s husband beat Qi Siyuan, the young master of the Qi family in Yunhai City yesterday, and Qi Siyuan threatened to kill Lin Fan!” Shen Jie’s face was full of playfulness:
“And In the boxing match that just ended, although the Yunhai side did not win, it can be seen that Qi Siyuan and King Kong have an extraordinary friendship, and King Kong’s master knows the mysterious and terrible Lin Master!”
“It can be said, Lin. Fan is over!”
Lin Fan is over.
Hearing this, Shen Jian’s face was filled with joy.
After all, it was because of this little bastard that the Shen family lost a $100 million super order.
But now, the more miserable Lin Fan, the happier the Shen family naturally.
“Then what are you going to do?” Shen Jian asked curiously.
“What to do?”
Shen Jie said with a thick excited smile at the corner of his mouth:
“Dad, you have not seen it? White Iraq now abnormal care about her husband waste, as long as we would want to kill Lin Fan Qi Siyuan news, telling her that she would be scared to panic.”
“At that time, only We need to show that we can persuade Qi Shao to change her mind, and then she will sign this contract obediently! Let’s take advantage of it! ”
This sentence made Shen Jian’s eyes light up, but then he frowned and asked:
“Xiaojie, do you really want to persuade Qi Shao to give up dealing with Lin Fan? That little beast has harmed our family. Lost a 100 million US dollar super order!”
Give up?
“Cut! Dad, how could I persuade Qi Shao, this is just a lie to Bai Yi!”
Shen Jie gritted his teeth with hatred when he thought of Lin Fan’s face:
“Don’t worry, the money, we will accept it, Lin Fan, It’s the same!”
After saying this, the father and son glanced at each other and laughed.
And just when they discussed.
The door of the conference room opened and Bai Yi walked in.
“Uncle, cousin, are you looking for something to do with me?”
Bai Yi looked at Shen Jian and his son, but was extremely surprised. In her impression, this was the first time they took the initiative to come home.
“Bai Yi, my dad and I came this time to discuss business with you!”
Shen Jie said, and put the contract in his hand on the table:
“This business, I hope you will invest 100 million! ”
This sentence shocked Bai Yi. She couldn’t imagine that what business Shen Jie was holding was one hundred million.
At the moment, Bai Yi picked up the contract, and then took a closer look, her pretty face suddenly looked ugly.
A trace of anger emerged in her beautiful eyes:
“Cousin, do you treat me Bai Yi as a fool? This beauty business belongs to the most inconspicuous kind. I invest 100 million?”
Bai Yi couldn’t believe it.
This is a blatant scam, especially, two of my cousins ​​came to scam myself.
“Yes! This business is worthless, but what about your husband’s life?”
Shen Jie’s words changed Bai Yi’s pretty face.

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