Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 335

“Cousin, what do you mean? How does this business have to do with Lin Fan’s life?”
Bai Yi’s pretty face is hard to see the extreme.
She heard a trace of conspiracy in her words.
“Bai Yi, did you forget so soon?” A brutal arc appeared at the corner of Shen Jie’s mouth:
“Your husband, beat Qi Siyuan! Don’t you know? Yunhai City’s first master King Kong is half of Qi Siyuan’s master. ! ” ”
Qi Siyuan has decided that he will make King Kong come forward, to kill your husband! ”
This sentence made Bai Yi pale with fright.
She remembered that in the previous video, she did see Qi Siyuan from the scene of the theater.
Especially, Qi Siyuan was still sitting in the front row of the Yunhai camp, very close to King Kong.
Obviously, Shen Jie did not lie, Qi Siyuan did have a special relationship with King Kong.
Thought of this.
Puffs of sweat flowed down from Bai Yi’s forehead in an instant.
If it is as Shen Jie said, then if King Kong comes forward, Lin Fan will undoubtedly die.
How to do?
All of a sudden, Bai Yi’s body was trembling, she couldn’t let Lin Fan have something, absolutely couldn’t.
“How? Bai Yi!”
Looking at Bai Yi’s pale complexion, the Shen family knew instantly that the effect he wanted had been achieved:
“Qi Siyuan has a deep friendship with me. If you want to save your husband, then sign this contracts! As long as the money arrived, then I will immediately persuade Qi less, give up revenge against Lin Fan! how? ”
I see.
Bai Yi finally understood at this moment, it turned out that Shen Jie used Lin Fan’s life and death to threaten himself and defraud money.
Thinking of this, Bai Yi looked at Shen Jie incredulously, with anger, disappointment, and sadness filled with a pretty face:
“Cousin, uncle! How can you do this!”
“Use Lin Fan’s life to blackmail me! You still Not humans? Are you still worthy to call my Bai Yi’s uncle and cousin?”
The two people in front of you are their close relatives.
But now, completely disregarding Lin Fan’s life and death, using his life to blackmail himself, this is simply unbelievable.
Bai Yi’s words, like a slap in the face, slammed the faces of Shen Jian and his son.
Suddenly, my uncle Shen Jian’s cheeks felt hot and painful.
However, Shen Jie completely exploded his hair. He roared in anger,
“Bai Yi, you still have the face to say that! If it weren’t for the little bastard Lin Fan, how could our Shen family lose the Yunhai Qi family partner? How can you lose that 100 million US dollar super order!”
“Now, I’ll give you two choices! Either you sign the contract and save Lin Fan, or you just wait to keep the widow and collect the body of your waste husband! ”
Shen Jie’s words made Bai Yi’s body tremble fiercely.
Are there only two options?
Lin Fan will live or die?
Bai Yi’s pretty face showed a deep color of pain, with the company on one side and Lin Fan on the other, which made her only abandon one side.
“Okay! I…sign!” After a brief silence, Bai Yi had a choice.
In her eyes, Lin Fan is far more important than the Bai Group. Even if it is because of Lin Fan, she will be expelled or even held accountable by the Bai Group in the future.
Heard this.
Shen Jie was suddenly overjoyed, his whole face flushed with excitement, and immediately put the contract in front of Bai Yi.
This is an investment of 100 million!
In other words, he was instantly tied up with hundreds of millions of fortunes, which made him not excited.
On the contrary, Shen Jian, who was next to him, saw Bai Yi’s ashen-like face, with shame and self-blame on his face.
He wanted to stop this farce, but when the words came to his lips, he could only swallow it back.

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