Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 336

“Bai Yi, sign here! Hurry up, otherwise, if it’s too late, if Qi Shao finds King Kong, then it’s completely hopeless!” Shen Jie said impatiently.
Bai Yi can only bite the bullet, pick up the pen, and sign the contract.
But at this moment!
The door of the office was opened from the outside once again, and then only the secretary Xiaoyun rushed in and said:
“President Bai, a young man who claims to be the young master of the Yunhai Qi family wants to see you!”
This sentence caused Bai Yi’s palm to pause, and immediately put down the pen in his hand.
Master of the Qi Group!
That is naturally Qi Siyuan.
Not only Bai Yi was stunned, even Shen Jie and Shen Jian, father and son, could hardly believe their ears.
How could Qi Siyuan come here at this time?
Isn’t he going to retaliate against Lin Fan?
When everyone was shocked, only a young man walked in hastily.
This person is Qi Siyuan.
But at this moment, there was no trace of arrogance on his face, instead a thick smile appeared on his face. After entering the door, he said to Bai Yi:
“President Bai, hello, this is Xiaoqi! This time I’m here to talk to your company. Cooperation!”
Seeing Qi Siyuan’s enthusiasm and even flattering appearance, and then listening to his pleased words, Bai Yi. Shen Jie and his son were all dumbfounded.
Talk about cooperation?
Shen Jie swallowed fiercely, and then said incredulously:
“Qi Shao, did you find the wrong person? You should have come to me?”
“You said before that you want to give all of your Qi Group orders to our Shen family! What do you do with Bai Yi now?”
Qi Siyuan and Lin Fan have hatred!
Even if Shen Jie was killed, he would not believe that Qi Siyuan was here to discuss cooperation.
Shen Jie Qi Siyuan did not bother to Dali, but not salty not pale, he said:
“Shen Jie, you count what we have and what qualifications cooperation!!”
“To cooperate, we naturally find the total white”!
Qi Siyuan hurriedly took out a thick contract order from his briefcase, then put it on the table in front of Bai Yi, and said flatly,
“President Bai, my dad and I have applied That’s it! This time the investment capital has gone from 500 million to 1 billion!”
Qi Siyuan’s words shocked all three of Bai Yi.
Billion orders!
This is even more terrifying than the $100 million order from the Fei family of the Yunhai First Family. This…
Bai Yi’s pretty face was pale, and she also didn’t believe that Qi Siyuan, who had hatred with Lin Fan, would be so kind, right now The pretty face said ugly:
“Sao Qi, don’t go too far! I am Lin Fan’s wife, and I will not accompany you!”
Bai Yi subconsciously thought that Qi Siyuan had not given up on himself.
The reason for paying 1 billion is to accompany him.
After Bai Yi said these words, Qi Siyuan almost freaked out.
Under the unbelievable gazes of the three of them, Qi Siyuan suddenly knelt in front of Bai Yi and said with tears and nose:
“Mr. Bai, you… don’t get me wrong! Where do I have the courage, I want you to accompany me!”
“Look at the contract, this is a real order! Please, forget the last time. , That was my lard, and Mr. Lin had already beaten me, I really knew I was wrong!”
Looking at Qi Siyuan, who was full of fear and dying, no matter it was Bai Yi or Shen Jian and his son, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

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