Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 344

Not only that!
Zhang Tianli also knows that the reason why the top ten mobile phone manufacturers developed this mobile phone was to give it to one person.
Thought of this!
Zhang Tianli’s eyes couldn’t help looking at Lin Fan, his delicate face, and his ordinary clothes caused Zhang Tianli’s eyelids to jump wildly, and a heart almost reached his throat:
“Is it… is it him? ”
Shock, horror!
Zhang Tianli seemed to have seen a ghost.
It’s just that Chu Yu and others beside him didn’t see his expression at all.
Chu Yu almost laughed in tears at this moment:
“Hahaha…I am so laughing, Brother Lin, please don’t be so stubborn to face and suffer!”
“I am Bai Yi’s elementary school classmate, as long as you speak, I I can give you ten or even twenty mobile phones, why should you use such a shameful mobile phone!”
Hear this!
The Baiyi family’s faces are even more blush.
“Lin Fan, what the hell are you doing? Isn’t it common for you to never use a mobile phone? Why did you go crazy today to buy such a piece of junk!” Bai Yi was so angry that his chest fell.
After all, this thing is too shameful.
Although she is not a material woman, Lin Fan now spends three hundred yuan to buy an elderly device, which is absolutely unreasonable in her eyes.
Not only her!
Baishan and Shen Yumei beside them also shook their heads in disappointment.
In the eyes of the husband and wife, Lin Fan’s taste is simply too bad.
The golden shell, the fat keyboard, I am afraid that the old people are not willing to use such rubbish things.
Just at this moment!
After Baishan’s Yu Guang saw Zhang Tianli next to him, he was slightly taken aback:
“Lao Zhang, are you uncomfortable today? Why are you sweating all the time?”
Bai Shan’s words instantly stunned everyone around him, and they turned to look at Zhang Tianli.
Seeing Zhang Tianli’s dense forehead, dripping sweat, looking at the pale face, everyone’s hearts, they all choked.
“Lao Zhang, are you okay? Don’t scare me, our Chu family is all supported by your mobile phone design?”
Chu Yu was so scared that Zhang Tianli was so scared at this moment, she quickly stepped forward and asked.
And the Baiyi family is also full of worry and solemnity.
Just heard this!
Zhang Tianli waved his hand:
“I’m fine!”
After speaking, under everyone’s stunned eyes, he actually walked slowly towards Lin Fan.
Especially, his eyes didn’t leave the old age machine in Lin Fan’s hands from beginning to end.
“Little…Little sir, I don’t know if I have the honor to take a look at your mobile phone?”
When Zhang Tianli’s respectful and perturbed voice came, the atmosphere in the entire living room was quiet.
Both Chu Yu and Bai Yi family couldn’t believe their ears.
What did they hear?
Zhang Tianli, a top Chinese mobile phone designer, is now asking Lin Fan to see his mobile phone?
Could it be that this phone is extraordinary?
Thinking of this, the hearts of Chu Yu and Bai Yi’s family instantly raised their throats, their faces full of incredible.
Lin Fan looked helpless.
The moment he took out the phone, he knew that the old guy in front of him would definitely be able to recognize it, and then he threw the phone over at will.
Lin Fan’s random throw fell in Zhang Tianli’s eyes, almost frightening him.
Hurry up and grab the phone in a hurry, and then hold it in the palm of his hand.

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