Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 355

Bugatti Veyron!

Looking at the supercars parked outside the store, Shen Yumei was stunned, and the fat boss and all the customers in the store couldn’t believe her eyes!
“Oh my God, that’s a Bugatti Veyron? Damn, I saw it for the first time in Jiangshi!”
“And that Lamborghini, I heard that only the Tianlong Group has one!”
“These cars are not. We in Jiang City, look at the license plate, it is Jiangnan City! I don’t know which of the richest sons?”
The customers around, talked about it, their faces were full of surprise and envy.
Some people even took out their mobile phones and started taking pictures of the supercar outside the door.
What shocked them has just begun.
The supercars drove over one by one, stopping outside the shop one after another.
Let the entire mobile phone shop outside, as if opening a luxury car exhibition, the value of each car is close to 10 million, it shocked everyone’s attention.
It’s more than that!
Under the shocking sight of everyone, these dozen supercars opened their doors one after another, and then one after another young men and women walked out of the sports car.
These young men and women, one by one, are dressed luxuriously, all of which are international fashion brands.
Men are handsome and women are hot.
There were nearly twenty people, and the momentum alone made everyone in the mobile phone shop feel numb.
However, what shocked them even more…
“I…I saw the young man in the front in the magazine. He seems to be the son of the Tian Group in Jiangnan City——Tian Hao!”
“The one with the glasses behind is the son of the Qiu Group in Jiangnan City— -Qiu Jie!”
“Damn, every one of these is a famous Kuo Shao in Jiangnan City! How could he… people like them come here!”
Shocked! Puzzled!
Almost all of the street in this mobile phone shop is a shop that buys and sells second-hand goods, which is incompatible with these luxury cars.
Everyone can’t figure out why these princes come to such a broken place.
What shocked them has just begun.
I saw that Tian Hao and others scanned the display screen in their hands for a while, and then huffed, stepping towards the second-hand mobile phone shop.
This scene scared the fat boss of the mobile phone shop and all the customers.
They couldn’t even dream that these youngsters actually came to this dilapidated mobile phone shop.
The fat boss hurriedly greeted him with excitement, with a thick flattering smile on his face:
“Dare to ask a few masters, what can I do for you?”
Fatty’s mood was extremely excited.
These wide and young, each one is the God of Wealth.
A little leak from their fingers is enough for him to eat for a lifetime.
Tian Hao and others, as if they hadn’t heard the fat boss’ words, glanced at every customer in the shop.
Until everyone’s eyes fell on the old Nokia in Shen Yumei’s hands.
Brushing together, his complexion changed.
“This…this is?”
Tian Hao’s eyes almost fell out, a trace of horror and excitement spread across his face.
At the moment, he quickly pushed the fat boss away, and then walked towards Shen Yumei with glasses Qiu Jie and others.
Da da da!
Seeing Tian Hao and others getting closer and closer, Shen Yumei’s face was completely pale.
These are all young masters in Jiangnan City.
Either one is the existence that she and the Bai family group dare not provoke.
And now…
“Auntie, hello! My name is Tian Hao, can I take a look at your phone?

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